Wednesday week 4

This morning the students were introduced to the concept of fractions. As a class we had a discussion on what students knew about fractions and how we use and see fractions in our everyday lives. Students were able to share their prior knowledge and understanding of fractions.Some students shared their responses when asked ‘What are fractions?’

Haadi – Fractions are equally split up

Alex R – Fractions are quarters

Riya – Fractions can be quarters, halves, eighths

Fractions tell us how many parts of a whole we have. With this understanding students moved away to then work through different activities to explore this concept and apply their knowledge.

After recess students had the opportunity to experiment with different modes and investigate the different effects and techniques to achieve different visual outcomes. Students were given the choice to choose between water paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels and drawing. This art activity provided students with the opportunity to explore different effects and outcomes from using different modes. Using their critical and creative thinking to investigate with the modes.


4PB then left to go to their Spanish lesson while 4MR spent some time out for some fitness.

Before lunch 4PB and 4MR went out for lunch we came back together to continue with our art investigations.


After lunch students continued with their landmarks task. Students were asked to choose a state and provide information about the different landmarks and activities the state had to offer.


Overall, today was a busy day with lots of learning and investigation. It was amazing to see everyone engaged in their learning and helping and encouraging each other to complete their tasks.

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