Monday 2nd September

This morning the children were introduced to comics. When read, a comic tells a story but in a very short form a the majority is based on drawings and some speech. The children came up with some ideas of what to write for their comics.

Riya– regular conversation with a twist

Hong-Phuc– Class going crazy and Mr white intervening

Kai– Talking toilet

Seanna– Going shopping to buy something

James– A Snow day with a twisted snow storm

Minh– Mindcraft

Luka–  A day at school

Alex- A Manga

Ater– A Manga

Josh– Fortnight converstation

Djarran – a funny work day

Eva– a funny Converstaion

Malakhai– last night

Michelle – convincing parents to buy a game

At this stage, the children are working very hard to put down their ideas. We are looking forward to the final products.


The rest of the day we completed our comics or our lanterns.



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