Wednesday Week 7

We started the day with sitting the students down and discussing the importance of a growth mindset using a cup as a metaphor. Students then demonstrated this through engaging in the 9 dot challenge which involved connecting all 9 dots using 4 straight lines without taking their pen off the page. Students really embraced this challenge and it was great to see them all have a go and share their ideas with each other.

After this activity students then started their numeracy task that introduced mixed fractions and linking this concept with time. By creating a timetable of their day students then had to use mixed fractions to indicate what activity they do at what time of the day.

After Recess we did some indoor fitness involving a range of exercises to get everyone’s heart rate up. Recording their reps and heart rates as part of a 14 day challenge. Students are able to then keep record of their progress and see how far they progress as they continue the challenge.

After fitness 4PB went to Spanish while 4MR stayed back and did reading comprehension.

When 4PB came back from Spanish both classes sat down and did some art. Focusing on shading to add detail to our drawings and make them look 3D. Students all worked well individually using their growth mindset; they had a go at drawing a circle and shading it in a way to turn it from a 2D circle to an illusion of a 3D sphere.

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