Wednesday week 8

We started our day with numeracy and students continued exploring the concept of time and solved a series of questions ranging in difficulty to challenge students and give them more practice at solving questions involving time. Students used their perseverance to work through the questions and helped one another, showing their belonging and teamwork.

After recess we all continued to show our teamwork as we continued with the 14 day fitness challenge. Students worked together and encouraged each other to keep going.

Art is an area of interest for many of the students in 4MR and 4PB. It is a great opportunity for students to show their creativity and individuality to their peers. Focusing on still art, students were given the freedom to not only draw but show everyone how and what they saw in front of them. Each student see’s things differently and has their own individual style, by allowing them to do art, it provides them with the opportunity to share that with the class.

Continuing with earth sciences we explored erosion and the effects that it has on our environment. Students began to research the topic to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

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