Tuesday 17th September

Today is Tuesday and Numeracy day. The children love to be involved in different games and activities which stimulate their thinking skills.

However, we began our day with silent reading and this morning, you could actually hear a pin drop. It is a discipline to be able to read quietly and understand what you are reading when there are slight distractions.

The children had lots of fun with different numeracy provocations. They could choose from coin stamping and adding up the total, playing snakes and ladders times tables, times table challenge using the whiteboards, farm game where the children had to count and differentiate the animals and group them according to different features. This then led to recording the number of animals using fractions, playing cards where the children had to make up their own multiplication, making a shopping list from catalogues and adding up the total.


We also became hot and sweaty doing our 14 day challenge.

We also had PE and had a go at Dictation. The children are getting tired as it is getting closer to the end of the term.

Next Tuesday we are going to have a construction day – we can’t wait, but we really need your help to bring as many different size boxes as you can. The more boxes we collect, the more imaginative we can be.

Thankyou in advance.

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