Wednesday week 9

We started the day highlighting the importance of cyber safety and keeping our personal information private. With the internet so easily accessible to students we thought it was necessary to remind students to be aware of the things that they engage in. With the world at their fingertips it is important for us as educators to encourage students to think about the things that they engage in in their own time. Keeping personal information private is an extremely important factor in keeping our students safe on the internet.


Everyone is unique with their own individual skills and interests. For art we started working on portraits of ourselves. We all view things and ourselves differently and we incorporated that into our lesson today. Students were given the freedom to choose their own style of art to focus on and incorporate it into their portraits. It was fantastic to see how engaged students were, using their critical and creative skills to continue drawing and find ways to change and improve their technique. We spent the lessons focusing on facial features and used our shading skills to add depth into our drawings.

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