Thursday – Keeping safe

This morning we looked at our Keeping Safe curriculum in particular around bullying.

The goal for our students is to learn and recognise how they need to keep safe in relation to  rights, relationships, responsibilities and ethical behaviour.

Every child has the right to be safe and free from all kinds of abuse, including bullying and harassment, and neglect. Some very important topics for the students to reflect on and encouraged on how they can make a positive difference on developing a safe and supportive school.

Daisy Chain is a stunning animated short film narrated by Kate Winslet. Created by Galvin Scott Davis, the tale follows Buttercup Bree as she builds resilience using her daisy chains to spread a message of togetherness to those who are bullying her.

We watched this as a class and reflected on some of the important topics the students reflected on their thoughts around safety and wellbeing initiatives.

Riya: Stand up to the bullies, tell them how you feel.

Arnav: Don’t fight back.

Am Jack is a play by MonkeyBaa Theatre Company adapted from the book by Susanne Gervay. Jack is smart and funny and eleven years old. Jack is also being bullied and needs help. ‘I Am Jack’ focuses on the often overlooked insidious taunting and teasing that kids who bully are so adept at inflicting on those that they bully.

There are some great resources on the website below that you may like to refer to.

We then went over different scenarios on how we could react to them in a positive way and what we thought would be the best way to respond to something. Sharing responses in a positive way and respectful way. Exploring cyber bulling and bullying scenarios.

We talked about our own intentions, thinking first before you act. Taking ownership of our choices and recognising when we need to apologise.


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