Monday 23rd September

Wow, we are already nearing the end of term 3. So much has happened in our rooms this term that it is hard to believe how much the students have done.

We are really looking forward to term 4 and are already making some exciting plans.

The children have been working through a literacy power point which

was initiated last week.

We need the forms for Mitiog returned by tomorrow.  If your child brought a form home today, they MUST RETURN it TOMORROW.

We are also having a MAKING DAY tomorrow and the children needed to design what they will make and all the materials they will need.

It would really help if children can bring BOXES of any SIZE and any knick knacks you might have at home. The children are so excited and they watched “Top 10 coolest things to make from cardboard.”

They could get some more ideas from the internet,and describe in detail how they

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