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Why do we need money ? What does money help us do? What is change? How does it help us  in life?

We want the students to see the need on why it is important to learn about money and why it can help them directly in their own lives.

If the students can see how they can relate it to their own lives they are able to make better connections.

Seanna: Money helps us be able to pay for houses and renovations,  work out how much it is and how much change you need to get back.

Minh: You can you use money to buy stuff and see how much money you need.

Sam R: you need money to buy food to survive.

Aymen: Helps us pay rent and feed you have to save and invest.

Amira: you have to have a budget, a certain amount of money and not go over

Djarran: you can save your money for bit coin and wait for it to go up.

Jamie: You need money so you know the prices of things if you don’t know the prices you can’t buy anything.

Josh: you can use money to buy properties,

Luka: To buy a house you need to get a loan.

We then got the challenge if we were to buy a house that was $400, 000 and we need a 20 % house deposit how much money would we need to save?

The students shared their thinking around what they thought it could be. They found it a little difficult to answer so  we broke it down to look at what 10 % of the deposit would be and then doubled it.

Minh: two 50c

Seanna: 5 20c coins

James: 20 5c coins

Jaime: 4 20 c coins and two 10 c coins

The students then recorded all the ways they can make $1 and $2 using coins, using play money to help them. The students then were given real like scenarios of buying food from the canteen, how much different items would cost them, what change they would get, what they could buy with certain amount of money. This meant it directly related to the students lives and they can learn skills that they can use in their everyday interactions.

The students were then challenged with some harder questions where they had to have deeper thinking.



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