Keeping Safe

The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum  is a respectful relationships and child safety curriculum that teaches all children and young people they have the right to be safe and they can help themselves to be safe by talking to people they trust.

Today Mrs Nicosia shared with the story ” our day with a Story We are equal

We all have the right to be safe….

The students created their own Y chart

– What does safety sound like?
– What does safety feel like?
– What does safety look like?

These students then shared their answers as a class. Sharing their thinking and thoughts is really important as the students listen to each other, share their thinking and be inspired. Also it is really important for the students to understand others points of view.

Luka: Safety looks like not treating someone different on their appearance. Safety feel like being with my family. Safety sounds like quietness.

Ater: Safety looks like playful, Safety feels like relaxing,  Safety sounds like belonging

Aymen: Safety looks like  walking away from trouble, or if someone is sad helping the, Safety feels like safe and having a nice friend to be with,  Safety sounds like happiness, laughter, someone laughing with you.

Seanna: Safety looks like being mindful of other people, being one of the people being safe in the classroom, Safety feels likening around people who care about you and knowing if unsafe situations are going on so you can get out of it,  Safety sounds like not hearing people talk about you.

Amira: Safety looks having friends, Safety feels like nice people, Safety sounds like happiness.

Alex: Safety looks like playing with your family and friends, Safety feels like people listening to you,  Safety sounds like peace and quiet.

Eva:  Safety looks like peaceful, Safety feels like belonging,  Safety sounds  like quiet.

Michelle:  Safety looks like peaceful, Safety feels like belonging,  Safety sounds  like quiet.

Nikita:  Safety looks like people treating their child the same way, Safety feels like joyful, loving, caring fun and respectful, Safety sounds  like don’t say bad words, respect other people

Emily  Safety looks like caring for each other, Safety feels like joy, Safety sounds  like helping people who hurt or injured.

BHyvia: Safety looks like being with your family and being good friends, Safety feels like being happy,  Safety sounds  like not talking too strangers.

Riya: Safety looks like friendship, Safety feels like freedom, safety sounds  like laughter.

Shasahnt  Safety looks like making friends, Safety feels like not being lonely  Safety sounds  like talking.

Terese:  Safety looks like being with your friends, Safety feels like being happy,  Safety sounds  like laughter.

Devon:Safety looks like being close to my family, Safety feels like being relaxed, Safety sounds  like calming.

Arrow:  Safety looks like being kind, Safety feels like jokes,  Safety sounds  like away from danger.

James J: Safety looks like relaxing Safety feels like good heart,  Safety sounds  like caring.

Tyron: Safety looks like being with my friends, Safety feels like soccer with my friends,   Safety sounds  like listening to music.

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