Tick tock..tick tock…It’s Tuesday

We started our morning off with Come read with me. It was great to see all the students come in enjoy this time of reading together. With book week this week it is an important reminder of how important reading is…

Today we were challenged with some fraction problem solving questions where we had to use our perseverance, numeracy skills and sense making.

The students did a great job at having a go at these they then used their creativity to create their own clocks which we will be using to help us learn how to tell the time. You can see our beautiful art work in the classroom.


Tuesday week 4

Today the students came in and participated in come read with me. Reading individual or with a teacher.

To finish off our numeracy provocations today we got challenged with some problem solving questions. Us educate were impressed with the effort and knowledge the children put into the answer them. Some choose to use pictures to help solve the problems and coming up with the equations and solutions.



The children had a go at the RELAT practise test which will be completed in week 6.

The children used their creativity and imaginations to continue to write their narrative stories. Us teachers love reading them and seeing the ideas the children had come up with. We are challenging the children to add descriptive writing  to their  stories.

Our Grammar focus today was editing our work making sure we are using full stops, capital letters, commas, speech and correct punctuation.

We were too busy being engaged so we didn’t get any photos!

Today the students were busy writing their narratives. The past two weeks we had been planning our stories focusing on different narrative concepts to write the most perfect story.

We were impressed that the students were now able to have a go at putting it in a writing format, remembering to use full stops, capital letters, paragraphs and adding detail to their writing.

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Opening
  • Build up
  • Dilemma
  • Resolution
  • Closing

Recess- After recess we practised our maths skills then went and had a school photos and library.

Goat On a Boat

When a goat arrives on a rocky island, the resident sheep are afraid he’ll eat all their grass. But this goat has hidden talents. This humorous story for children has an important message to convey.

In the afternoon we had RELAT revision-

What was the story of Zaccheus about?

  • What job did he do?
  • Why was he hiding in a tree?
  • What did Jesus do when he saw Zaccheus?
  • How did Zaccheus react to the kindness of Jesus?
  • How did he make things better?

Who was Bartimaeus?

  • Why did he want to go to Jesus?
  • What did Jesus do for him?
  • What made Bartimaeus well?

Retell the story of the Ten Lepers

  • Why did they go to see Jesus?
  • What did Jesus do?
  • How many of them came back to say “thankyou”
  • What did Jesus have to say about this?

What did Jesus choose Moses to do?

  • Where did Moses lead the people?
  • Did the Egyptian king want to let the people go?
  • What miracle did God do to allow Moses to get the people to the other side of the sea?
  • Why did God choose Moses?

We finished the day with song practise for our mass this Thursday.

Snakes and ladders and Inquiry!!!!

Terrific Tuesday – today we started our day with a snake and ladders challenge the children were asked to create their own snakes and ladders games instead of numbers using timetables. The children used their team work, creativity numeracy skills, self regulation to create their own games. It was great to see the students working together, sharing their ideas whilst practising their numeracy skills.


The students have been working on lots of different inquires this term. The students got some independent learning time to lead their own learning and research. Many of the students choose to finish off their explorations around living things, food webs and research they had conducted on the animals in the Mudla. Then students had a go at making a brochure for a place you can visit in Australia, researching and looking into the important landmarks you can find and see. Providing detail and their own touch on how they present it. Lots of the students choose to use their ICT skills trying out new and different programs. The goal for the students are to lead their own learning during this time, they get to choose what they are researching, then use one of their many languages to present it.

Numeracy Tuesday!!!

Come read with me, every Tuesday and Thursday morning this term we will be doing come read with me. A chance for us to read with our friends, teachers- parents are more than welcome to join us during this time.

This term our focus is reading comprehension, we are encouraging the children to read as much as they can at home and at school.

Reading comprehension is the ability to process text, understand its meaning, and to integrate with what the reader already knows.

We asked the students to explore What is multiplication?

Aymen: timestables

Shashant: So if it says 2 X 6 it technically means 2 groups of six.

Seanna: timing different numbers over again.

Cam: the number goes higher.

Malakhai: it’s making group, or it is like skip counting, like skip counts for example by 8.

Today we got given numeracy provocations to working

Today we got given numeracy provocations to work through practising and applying our timetable knowledge.

Some of the provocations can be seen below. We are encouraging the students to practise their timetables because by the end of the year they need to know up to their 9 timetables. We will be working with the children in class on fun, playful ways to learn them.



After we explored and worked through these provocations Our focus today was our three times tables we had a go at practising and learning them together through a song. Then as a class we worked together to remember them!

I wonder if our year 4s can practise and share what they learnt at home, adding three each time.

We then had some fitness before it was time for 4MR to head to spot.

After lunch 4MR had Spanish and 4 PB had sport whilst the other class worked on their grammar knowledge around conjunctions and then had free play.



Thursday Week 10

This morning we were very lucky to attend the Music Assembly.

We were very proud of both Alex Mai and Alex Reed who were very brave and performed on their guitars. Both boys performed solo pieces and then performed in a trio.

Alex Mai: I played Old MacDonald had a farm, I was feeling really brave to play in front of the school. It was hard to start but it was easy once I finished it.

Alex Reed: I played Malaguena it is Spanish, it was kind of hard to start with because I was scared that I would play something wrong, but I ended up doing it all fine.

We then went out for fitness

After Recess the students were challenged with prodigy questions, practising their numeracy skills around multiplication and division. 4 PB went to music, 4MR had the opportunity to visit the village to participate in play.

The goal for the students during this learning play experience is that the children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for later life.

‘A context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations’

The children get to choose what they want to explore using their creativity, imagination and cognitive skills.

The students then got some time to finish off their creative writing. A lot of time and effort has gone into their stories and we look forward to these being finished tomorrow.

SCRATCH- this afternoon we got the challenge to have a go at Scratch. We got different provocation workshops to help us understand and code through the program. It was great to see teamwork from the students as they shared their knowledge and helped each other out. Many of the students had to show great perservrance  as they learnt something new and had a go at something that may have seemed a little tricky.



Numeracy Revision!

Numeracy Revision

Over the last semester we have been working on lots of different numeracy capacities, today we challenged ourselves to work through different numeracy workshops. The students  got to choose which level they entered at and what numeracy skills they wanted to challenge themselves with.

  • mapping
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • skip counting
  • multiplication
  • problem solving
  • algebra
  • number puzzles
  • multiplication puzzles.
  • 3D Shapes

Emily: I have been doing time tables, I found it interesting 25 x 6 makes 150 it was problem solving question. It was a bit tricky for me.

Nikita: I did timetables I used skip counting to help me with the answers. Two of the questions were really interesting because I had to use my problem solving.

James: I have been practising my skip counting I found it easy but the eights were sort of tricky.

Sam: I was adding bigger numbers, I challenged myself to add three numbers together. I found the treasure map easy as I used north, east, south and west directions to help me.

Bhyvia: I have been practising borrowing numbers for the tens when there is not enough to take away.

Luka: I like practising my numeracy I was adding lots of numbers together. I have not done it for a while.

Khai: I did addition and subtraction; I was challenged a bit because I had to borrow numbers to take away.

Eva: For maths I did numeracy problem solving questions which meant I had to do multiplication.

Ethan: I worked out two ways to do add big numbers together, it was like a pattern to add them.

The children then got to have a go at prodigy testing their numeracy skills further.