Monday 19th August

A good day to you all. Thank goodness the weather has calmed down and it is not as cold or windy as it was yesterday.

Today we began with our visit to the playground to shake off our weekend bugs.

As this is the first day of Book Week, we began with various activities that engaged our minds with books – like making a character profile from your favourite book, looking for different words in different books and recording the title, author,page etc.

The students were busy and fully occupied with their tasks. Some students needed to complete their narratives from last week.

We also had Library today and our book was called:

The story was about a daring little bat who wanted to experience the day time. Against all her friends’ pleas, Bitsy had so much fun and made some new friends. The author used beautiful and interesting adjectives. Through this story, we are reminded that if we venture out of our comfort zones, it may not be bad at all.


After lunch we went on with RELAT revision.

It was a happy and productive day.

Monday 5th August

Here we are everyone, already in the month of August. Time just seems to be flying by so quickly.

This morning, the children settled down quickly and we began the day looking at the symbols of the 7 Sacraments.


We had library time today and our story was called Joey and Riley. Many children were able to associate with Joey who had a wonderful connection with his pet dog.

We then continued with our detailed planning of our narrative. The last lesson of the day consisted of singing practice with the whole school in preparation for Mary MKillop mass on Thursday.



Magnificent Monday

This morning we went out for a play to get some fresh air and exercise. We find that this really helps to settle us down after we have returned to school after the weekend.

When we came back to class, we began to share stories with a partner so that we could generate ideas for our writing.


We then shared some ideas with the whole class. Here are some ideas that students wrote:

Sam: haunted house, evil fat dentist, the scary ghost family.

Lia: the abandoned child

Sienna: rush plush

Kai: showdown

Minh: money guy

Aymen: the time I went to Spain

Malakhai: colonisation in Pluto

Alex M:  colonising Mars

Shashant: the virus

Aarnav: a trip to the movies

Blessings: the famous dancer

Devon: the angel kids


After recess our writing journey began. Firstly, the children needed to choose one of the topics they had thought about and begin to draw up a story map and plan their story. They needed to create their setting and characters, beginning, middle and end of their story.  

Students were challenged to describe their characters and their setting. We stopped to go visit the library.

Our library book today was:

We then continued with our story planning.

Towards the end of the day we continued to explore The Sacraments.

Throughout this week we are skip counting by 4’s and singing our 4 times tables.

We had a great day.


Monday 22nd July

Today felt like we had never left. The children were happy to be re-united with their friends and were enthusiastic to begin a new term.

We began the day with a visit to the playground and enjoyed the sunshine and opportunity to exercise our bodies.

We then had literacy and the children needed to write about their school holidays. There were a few activities that the children needed to do, such as……”Recount a special day you had in the holidays, what would you have liked to do in the holidays,describe a place you went to writing with the experience of your senses – what did it smell like, look like, feel like….

The final activity was to edit their work.”

We then had library time

Our book today was 

This book was all about reading lots of books in order to get ideas for writing stories.

After lunch we looked at the sacraments.

In particular, we looked at the story of Zaccheus, the tax collector.

How did Jesus model forgiveness in his words and actions ?

What did he say to Zaccheus?

Minh: He said he will love Zacceheus

Djaran: Instead of hating Zacceheus he tried to talk to Zaccehues and helps him do the right thing

Seanna: Jesus helped Zaccheus and it worked

Amira: Jesus inspired Zaccheus to stop

Haadi: Jesus taught Zaccheus to stop taking the money

Cam: Jesus asked Zaccheus if he could come over his house

Bon: Jesus told Zaccheus he could be a nice person if he tried

Alex: You are forgiven by God

The children then retold the story in their own words and illustrations.



Monday 1st July

Today the children continued with writing their stories for the Salisbury Writing Competition. It is wonderful to notice the progression of writing skills that the students are acquiring over the course of the year. Many of them are using different and interesting story beginnings, speech marks and exclamation marks, interesting plots and adventures.

The students are fully engaged and enjoying their time of  immense imagination and creativity.

We then had library time and we read the last of the shortlisted books for this year.The children then voted on which book they liked best.

In the afternoon, we watched a short video about Abraham. He did whatever Gold told him to do. He left his home with his wife, Sarah and travelled to Canaan.  God promised Abraham that Sarah would have a child, because, at the time she was barren. Abraham became a father at the age of 99. God had told Abraham that he would have as many descendants as the stars in the sky.

Monday 17th June

This morning, the children were continuing with their Living or Non-Living things projects. They were shown a template as a class, to demonstrate the format they needed to apply in their report.

The order being: Title, Introduction,Seven characteristics of living versus non-living in your own words, Is it living? Why? and Conclusion.

The children were very busy and occupied all morning on this.


We then had Library/Music. Our book today was called “Heads and Tails Insects” by John Canty.

4PB had one more lesson before lunch, so we did some skip counting and some quick maths(mental). The children had to answer 10 number facts quickly and the we swapped books and marked each others’ answers.

After lunch we read the Old Testament story about Noahs’Ark. We then asked: What do you think the message in the story was about?

Luka: I think that every single person  and animal matters

Lia: If you trust God, good things will happen to you

Shashant:Noah believed in God and he was given the task to survive the flood with the anumals.

Emily S: To care for each other

Alex R: To have faith in God

Seanna: Never disrespect your Heavenly Father

James M.: I reckon the message is that Noah said thankyou, I will always trust you

Bon:Always think of God when you do something

A covenant is an agreement. God made a covenant with Noah. Our activity was to make a big ark and then draw all the animals.

We then painted a big ark and the children made 2 of every animal to place in the ark. We will show you the finished product hopefully tomorrow.

Have a good night!





Monday 3rd June

Welcome to another week.  Today, the children explored on the internet the topic of The First Fleet. We watched some small videos to introduce the topic and then the students worked in groups to begin their inquiry.  The children discovered the hardships of the convicts and the reason s why they had come on the First Fleet.

Then Simon came in to our class to check on the yabbies and guppies.  There were even some striped fish in the tank.

Did you know that the yabbies are about to shed their skin? Apparently they shed their exoskeleton every 3 months and it makes nutritious food for the others.

We then had library and music.

After lunch we had quiet time and religion.

We discussed Pentecost and its meaning.

Sam mentioned that when he celebrated his Confirmation, he received the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  “The Holy Spirit gave all the people a gift to speak other languages. The Holy Spirit looked like fire.”

After this discussion, the children recited the Our Father and made a booklet. The students were asked to break up the Our Father so it could be illustrated. The Our Father is an important formal prayer known by many and in reciting it, brings people closer together in their faith.


Monday, 27th May

Today the children became very engaged in “Sorry Day” investigations.

We watched a BTN from last year which celebrated the 10th anniversary, of the government, led by Kevin Rudd, who announced on world wide television that he was SORRY for…

Malakhai: stealing the land,

Lauren: for stealing the kids,

Sopheaktra: for the Aboriginal people cause they took the country away,

Jamie: for the Aboriginal children that got stolen from the stolen generation.

Djaran– sorry day is about the Aborignals being taken away from their families.

The parents of the children became slaves.

Shashant– We threaten the aboringal people and took away their land, so we must

say sorry.

Alex– the parents tried to stop them they then got beaten up.

Kai– sorry day is a day when we say sorry for taking the Aboriginals land.

At 9.30 we went into the Centre and listened to a speaker who was from “Catherine House.” She spoke about what they do and ways in which they help women in need.

Catherine House is a womens’ shelter that supports women who need a place to stay, have no food, little money,  and who are homeless. They are also given support in many ways. Catherine House has 52 beds at the moment, but it is not just a house or a bed in the city. It is a home for a period of time, 3-18 months for the women who need support. Last year, with our childrens’ support , Catherine House raised $120,000 and they were able to add 4 extra beds to the house.

We then returned to our provocations. Children had the choice of

  • Find a Word
  • Sorry poster
  • Acrostic poems
  • Making new words from larger words
  • Research
  • Making up a song/dance

We also visited the library and read the story:

Hong-Phuc: The story is about Tricky having a bad day that turned into a good day.

We then continued with our provocations.

We had such a beautiful and productive day.  The children were engaged the entire day.

At 2.10 we went into the hall and practised singing our songs ready for Mission Day Mass which is on Friday.

Here are the beautiful pictures that the children made of the Creation Story last week.  They are really colourful and beautiful.

Have a great night.



God Bless.





















Hard Working Monday 20th May

Hello everyone, today we began our day with returning our library books and changing our monitors for the week.  We moved straight into Literacy, where the students were introduced to Persuasive Writing. It is a form of nonfiction writing that encourages logical argument and a summary. The students needed to think of strong arguments to back up their viewpoints.

We asked the children to think of some topics they could write about.

Riya: Should we waste food?

Bhayya: Should we waste rubbish?

Josh: Is soccer better than football?

Nikos: Should we have chairs to sit on in assembly?

Arrow: hould we sit on chairs during learning time?

Sopheaktra: Should we able to bring pets to school?

Lia: Should sport lesson be shorter at school?

Kai: Should we sell lollies in the canteen?

Tryon: Should we be allowed to bring toys to school?

Alex: Should we have set spots in the classroom?

Luka: Should we have a longer recess?

Mrs B: Should girls and boys be allowed to play the same sport?

The main purpose for today, was to introduce the children to logical reasoning, and how to write up a plan for their persuasive writing.  This will then lead the students to write their views in an essay form.

After we settled down after lunch we read the Story of Creation in the book of Genesis.

The children were then asked to work with a partner and make the Creation Story using coloured craft paper. The children were doing such a fantastic job but they ran out of time.  We would like to take photos of these beautiful pictures when they are completed.

We had a very busy and productive day as you can see.




Marvellous Monday 13th May

Hello everyone and welcome back to another marvellous Monday. I hope that all the mums had a great day yesterday and treated with lots of love.

This morning we began a new inquiry about the government of Australia.  With the the Federal election happening on Saturday we thought it would be a very appropriate inquiry.  The children needed to find out what the three levels of government we have in  Australia and name some of their responsibilities.

We began with some questioning to find out what the children knew about government.

 What do you know about the government?

Djaren – They are having an election

Lauren – They make the law

Luka – They control things

Kai – They take care of the country

Seanna – There’s a local, state and federal government

Bon – If you talk to the government you can arrange a shop

What do you think the government is responsible for?

Shashant – Schools

Luka – Electricity

Hong-Phuc – The water

Lauren – The people

Riya – Our country

Sam – The buildings

Nikos – The pollution

Arnav – Our armies

The children then had a guide to h



What do you know about the government?

What do you think the government is responsible for?

What are the 3 levels of government in Australia?

Find out 5 things that they are responsible for.

The local government looks after the environment and looks after the people.

The work of the local government is done by a council.

What are the services of the Local Council?

 What things do the council do?

Record your findings in your black book.

Then using your 100 languages represent what you have found out.

You may then share with the class.

Later in the morning we had Move your Body and today we tried out a circuit.  It was so much fun and some of the activities had the children puffing.  The stations were: running on the spot, weights, stretchy bands, ball throwing, skipping, running up and down in a designated area, leg lifts, star jumps and squats.  The children had to move on to the next station when it was time.  Of course the children only got through about 4 of the stations, so we may have to reduce the number in the future.

After recess, the children continued with their inquiry and then we had music and library.


After lunch, we quietened down with some mindfulness and then moved into religion.


What is faith?

Lolla – because you have confidence in yourself and Jesus is telling you if you use your confidence you may get better

Seanna – hope in your belief

Riya – when you believe in yourself

Hong-Phuc – Believe in something

Today we discussed “faith” and read the story of Bartimaeus.  He was a poor beggar who was blind.  One day he heard lots of noise and shouting.  He asked someone what was going an and they replied that it was Jesus passing by. The story tells how Bartimaeus shouted the name of Jesus so many times that Jesus asked for someone to bring him over.

Jesus then asked Bartimaeus what he wanted from him, to which Bartimaeus answered that he wanted his sight.

Jesus told him that his faith had made him well, and he gave Bartimaeus his sight.

We discussed what it would feel like if you were blind, and then Jesus helped you to see.

The children then had to pretend that they were blind like Bartimaeus and then could see. What would be the first thing they would like to see?

We  really had a marvellous Monday.


























after recess, we continued with our inquliry and just named 2 things that each lecel of government are responsibe for e.g. Federal: the Australian Defence Force, Immigration: State: Hospitals, Schools, Local: Libraries, waste rmoval etc.

The children were then asled to choose tow respondibillities of the Local government and then produce those facts using their 100 languages.  It was a very difficult task for th;e tday, but