Year 4 Excursion to St Kilda

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Next Friday 26th October, our class is going on an excursion to St Kilda for some fishing, a mangrove walk and a play on the playground. But we can’t go without having 3 ‘Catholic Police Check Volunteers’ join us on the day. I am kindly asking that if you are available and have a current ‘Catholic Police Check, please let me know and I can add you as a volunteer for the day. Without 3 volunteers, we won’t be able to go.

In kindness, Rita Giannakakis

Thursday 18th Oct (Term 4, Week 1)

Come Read With Me


We continued to explore converting units of time.

Children played a mini maths game, standing up when they think 1 minute has lapsed. We played this game at the beginning of our unit and it was wonderful to see that today more children stood up at the correct time. It showed a lot of growth in their learning. Children then continued to work on their time investigations and some children engaged in converting time with worded problems.

Prayer hosted by Mia and Evie

Evie: Dear God, thank you for Christmas because we can see our family and celebrate Jesus being born.

Mia: Dear God, thank you fr Christmas because we can have fun and see our family.

Lincoln: Dear God thank you for Christmas because it was a day that Jesus was born.

Aditi: Dear God, thank you for Christmas because we can have parades and sing songs.

Shylah: Dear God thank you for Christmas because we can spend time with out family and celebrate.

Fayzan: Dear God, thank you for Christmas because we can be with our families.

Religion- 100 language ‘Christianity’ Presentation

Science- 100 language ‘Earth’ Presentation

Earth Vien-187m3na kaidan earth-1xsk0bn Thien earth-2fybk24

Wednesday 17th October (Term 4, Week 1)

Come Read With Me

We are bringing back Come Read With Me for this term at the children’s request. It was so lovely seeing how far the children have come along in their reading stamina.

Numeracy- Converting digital times into analogue and exploring 24 hour times. 

Converting Time-2j4o3jh

Today, children worked to convert digital time into analogue. It has been wonderful seeing children flourish and learn to read time. This is the perfect time to start having your child read the clock when at home or to wear a watch so learning is consolidated.

Drama- Fairytale Role Plays

We had more amazing performances today from the students in 4RG. Thank you to Mrs. Finos who joined and watched our Cinderella performance. The children have done a wonderful job learning their lines off by heart and developing their character through body language and tonality.

Science: Earth and Space

We started our lesson playing a warm up game with whiteboards. Children were asked to work in small groups and name as many planets as possible. We had a lot of fun and had some interesting ‘planets’ like the milky way and cupid.

We then started to wonder about Earth. Using their 100 languages, children worked to explore and research about the Earth. This is work in progress.

4RG Earth Information Projects

Tuesday 16th October (Term 4, Week 1)

Come Read With Me


Children used a random clock to generate times using ‘analogue’ and then worked in their books to convert the times into digital.

Fairytale Performance by Terry, Thien and Fayzan ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’

Well done to our first group who presented their fairytale today to the whole class. Terry, Fayzan, Thien and Billy did a wonderful job in presenting their play live to the class.


Finding our artwork along the river path!


Children used their 100 languages to explore todays religion focus ‘Christianity’.

100 Languages…

Mia made rosary beads

Shylah made rosary beads with an angel

Lincoln made a tomb using pop sticks and straws

Finn made a stainless window with pop sticks and straws

Thien made a 3d Cross with Jesus

Taihya made a 3D church out of card board

Clark made a stainless window

Aditi made a cross and did some research

Anshika made an information brochure

Emily drew Jesus’ disciples and Mary, Jesus’ father

Nhi did a printout of the pryer our father

Nathan made a 3d cardboard church model

Kaidan made a stained glass window using straws and paper

Leon made a candle and bread using paper

Billy made a chalice using a cup and paper

Terry made a visual presentation for the story of noAH

Udesh made  a candle

Dance used pop sticks to make a 3d cross

Thinh made a pop stick frame with christian symbols.



Thursday 18th CASUAL DAY

Children are invited to donate a plant, a pot or a bag of ‘unopened’ potting soil on Thursday for our annual Spring Fair and wear casual clothes on Thursday 18th to school.

Please note that Friday 19th October is a Pupil Free Day and Spring Fair is on Sunday 21st! 

Spring Fair Volunteers

Dear parents/caregivers,

The Spring Fair on Sunday 21 October is quickly approaching and we are looking for volunteers to help on the day. It is a fun day had by all and a fantastic community event.

We are looking for volunteers to assist on a variety of stalls and if you are able to offer an hour on the day between 11am and 8pm, we would really appreciate your support.

Please email with your availability eg 1-2pm, anytime between 11am-4pm etc.  Volunteers will be advised on Friday 19 October which stall they have been allocated to once responses have been finalised.

Monday 15th October (Term 4, Week 1)

Welcome back to our last term together as 4RG. I hope you and your family had a lovely term break.

Important Dates:

  • Friday 19 October – Pupil Free Day (Spring Fair)
  • Sunday 21 October – Spring Fair
  • Thursday 29 November – End of year Mass
  • Tuesday 4 December – Volunteers morning tea
  • Friday 7 December – Carols Night
  • Thursday 13 December – Year 6/7 graduation
  • Friday 14 December Pupil Free Day

Literacy- Recount Writing

I was so happy when a group of girls asked if we could start the day with holiday writing, This also gave us the perfect opportunity to revise our term 1 learning regarding recounts. Children used their 100 languages. Some have published their recounts on their personal blogs, others used active inspire and some chose to hand write them.


Numeracy: Time

Today we explored digital time and analogue time and ways to convert time between the two.


The children from 4RG will be preforming their fairytale plays this Thursday to the class so had the afternoon to practise their plays and have a full dress rehearsal ready for their assessment.

Thursday 27th September (Term 3, Week 4)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook


Today we started our lesson with a warm up game. All the children were standing and a ‘unseen’ countdown timer was counting down 10 seconds. When the children thought 10 seconds was up, they sat down. We then repeated the game for 30 seconds, 1 minute and so on. Children then shared their strategies.

After discussing time and the pats of our day, organised by time, children created a clock face in their book using the language  ‘o’clock’, ‘quarter past’, ‘half past’ and ‘quarter too’. They will refer to this clock later on as we continue to learn about converting units of time.

Children refreshed their learning by creating clocks and showing the times using to the hour, half past and quarter past with quarter too.

Health- Keeping Safe

Today we focused on problem solving strategies. Children used their 100 languages  to create positive strategies for random scenarios that we created as a class and the children were instructed to use the new framework taught to them called the ‘Problem Solving Model’.

Aditi-2bboaz6 Problem Solving by Nhi-2nnl2eg Problem Solving Mary-1a1ucth

Prayer hosted by Daniel and Udesh

Daniel: Dear God, thank you for plants because you can grow them and you can pick stuff out.

Udesh: Dear God, thank you for plants because they grow fruit and vegetables and they keep us healthy.

Drama- Practising fairytales


Wednesday 26th September (Term 3, Week 10)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook


Using the same square centimeter grid above, students get in touch with their inner artists as they create pieces of artwork and then determine their area and perimeter.


Tuesday 25th September (Term 3, Week 10)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook


In Numeracy today, we explored the measurement of area. Children engaged in a fun activity in drawing a picture using the squares in their maths book and then measuring their area. Some children worked with regular shapes and others challenged themselves to explore irregular shapes.

SACA Cricket Clinic


Thank you to Anshika for reading todays shared book. 

Literacy- Fairytale Backdrops (continuation)  and Personal Inquiries

Health: Keeping Safe

Exploring private verses public.