Tuesday 14th August (Term 3, Week 4)

 Guided Reading & Buddy Reading 

Literacy (continued from yesterday) & Writer’s Notebook

Children continued to look at exposition writing. Children have been asked to write a letter trying to convince their audience why they have the best Dad/Mother/Sister/Brother etc using persuasive writing. Here are the final and finished letters.

Aditi Best Dad-2bgicp8 Anshika my dad-1hf6aeo Billy Why My Dad Is The Best-213fsz6 Dear Dad From FInn-1f4g4mg Lincoln is the best Clark-1vu56hi Mary My dad Letter-1lnr3ym Why My Dad Is The Best by Fayzan-26tvyoz Why my Dad is the best emILY -1o5gojo why my dog is the best Vien-2aj357i Why my uncle is the best Shylah-1gusll4


Thank you to Evie for reading this weeks library book to the class.

Prayer hosted by Billy and Thinh

Billy: Dear God, thank you for sharing because its a good way to make new friends.

Thinh: Dear God, thank you for sharing because its a way of making someones day and making people happy.

Personal Inquiry

Numeracy: Exploring regular and irregular shapes

Design and Technology

With a high interest in ‘Coles Little Shop’ the children used them to create an illustrated production line of a product they chose.

Monday 13th August (Term 3, Week 4)

Guided Reading/ Writer’s notebook/ Buddy Reading

Relat (Practise Test)

Well done to all the year 4’s who participated in a practise test for Relat.

Personal Inquiry

Health: Keeping Safe

We explored types of feelings in todays lesson. Children read the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and decided what part of the story connected with four types of feelings; mixed feelings, changing feelings, confused feelings and uncomfortable feelings. After completing this as a class, children chose their own story and used their 100 languages to explore the characters experience of different feelings.

Aditi-2b9d0ur Cinderella Anshika-2d8wkz6 Clark-22z69a4 Daniel and Leon-2h7b8kd Hansel and Gretel Mary, Nhi, Emily-1by04jt lincoln and taihya feelinsg work-1ne1y60 Manan and Udesh-2kmomfs Mia and Evie Feeling Example-1dvxfrc Shylah’s feeling work-1gzywlp There is a bird on your head feelings by Fayzan and Fateh-1ylfv27


Today children continued to look at exposition writing. Children were asked to write a letter trying to convince their audience why they have the best Dad/Mother/Sister/Brother etc using persuasive writing.

Why My Dad Is The Best by Fayzan-26tujgt


Friday 10th August (Term 3, Week 3)

2TD, 2IB & 4RG Assembly

Thank you to our loved ones for joining us today as we performed our Buddy Assembly.

Health: Keeping Safe

Children were asked to think of examples for situations where physical and external warning sign occur and how they connect to their emotions.

Religion: Preparing our prayers for the special men in our lives

Literacy: Exposition Role Plays


Exploring high Modality Words

Thursday 9th August (Term 3, Week 3)

Our morning started with our final practise for tomorrow’s buddy assembly. Our class size was a small number today with many of the children at Cross Country. Good luck to all the runners!

Guided Reading and Writer’s Notebook

Health: Keeping Safe

Today the children looked at warning signs in our body when we are nervous, scared, angry etc. Children used their 100 languages to show some of their warning signs and then we added all our ideas on to one cut out.

Personal Inquiry

With half the class out today, it was the perfect day for each child to work on their personal inquiry. Here are some of the things students in the class are working on.

Evie- Making a cat scratching house

Finn- Making a cardboard lock puzzle

Nhi- Inquiring into star signs

Shylah- Making a rabbit house

Maddy- Making dog houses


Dear special men in our lives,

Please join us onThursday 30th August at 9amtill 10:10am in our classroom for our Class Morning Prayer celebrating the men we love. All children will share their ‘Father’s Day’ prayers and after, we will be having a celebration with our very special visiting men. We will have activities that you and your child can engage in for a bit of fun. We hope to have all our Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Big Brothers etc join us for this fun and special morning.

Wednesday 8th August (Term3, Week 3)

Guided Reading

Numeracy: exploring worded problems with multiplication and division

Geography– Exploring parts of Australia and what fibres they grow using an atlas and inquiry.


Thank you to the school community for todays celebration of Mass in the hall. Today we celebrated….


We have been busy doing a lot of assembly prep ready for this Friday. We hope to see all our parents and caregivers in the hall this Friday at 9am for our buddy assembly.

Tuesday 7th August (Term 3, Week 3)

Shylah’s Show and Tell

A photo of Shylah playing rugby from the weekend has gone internet viral. Thank you Shylah for sharing your awesome story with us. #tacklelikeagirl #girlpower


Guided Reading 

Numeracy- Exploring Worded Problems

Prayer hosted by Mia and Fatehvir

Mia: “Dear God, thank you for the light because we can see and we won’t be really that dark.”

Fatehvir: “Dear God, thank you for making light because we can see and we can just see what is happening and we can see some insects.”

Art: Creating our ‘Story bricks’, inspired by Indigenous Art

Children could illustrate or write about their identity/story!


Thank you Taihya for reading this weeks book!

Writer’s Notebook

Assembly Prep

Today some children received their speaking parts. Please encourage your child to practise every night.


Monday 6th August (Term3, Week 3)

Guided Reading


Today we explored number patterns with worded problems. Children started to explore worded problems modelled by the teacher and then early finishers had a go at creating their own.

Literacy- exploring Exposition in our writing and in our day

Provocation: What examples in your day involve you or someone persuading or ‘arguing’ a point?

Evie- President in election, governments to make the laws

Maddy- King and Queen because they might want something but someone else might want it,

Finn-  a teacher uses persuades speaking when they try to make you have a positive mindset rather than a negative

Children explored everyday examples using role plays and the dress up box. Each group chose their own scenario and worked in their group to preform how persuasive language may be used in such a situation. 

Friday 3rd August (Term 3, Week 2)

After a Leadership assembly celebrating our schools Indigenous Education, we started to plan for our buddy assembly and practise our dance.

After writing the script, children worked with their buddies to continue our learning about food. Today children made stories about food with their year 2 buddies, whilst some made some coconut balls and some children created art work for our assembly. Other students did some technology related tasks such as making iMovies  which you will see on our Assembly day.

Please come to our Buddy Assembly on Friday 10th August at 9am in the school Hall

Design and Technology- exploring food production…

Tuesday 31st July (Term 3, Week 2)

Come Read With Me

Come Read With Me has been changing over the term to cater to what the children are wanting to explore within their reading skills. This term, we will be using popular authors to help us build our expression in reading. We have started today with an award winning book written by Mo Willems. His ‘Gerald and Piggie’ books are written using speech bubbles, therefore, they are a wonderful resource to explore reading with expression. He is a known author to some of the children in our class.

Guided Reading/Writer’s Workshop

Prayer hosted by Daniel and Clark

Daniel: Dear God, thank you sisters because we can play with them and they can help you with other things and when you’re bored they can cheer you up.

Clark: Dear God, thank you sisters, please helps me to show that I love her even when she makes me cross.

Library- Book of the Week


Design and Technology

Children had a play on an online game called ‘Farm to Fork’ that explores how certain foods are produced from their organic state to the final product we eat. Thank you to Evie for finding a more challenging level for everyone to have a go at.


Working in pairs, students explored a website and choose a topic of interest and then used their 100 languages to present their learning.


Design and Technology Provocation with our Buddies

It is important to eat the rainbow. Children used their creativity to create pictures using a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.

Thinh preforms to the class


Monday 30th July (Term 3, Week 2)

Guided Reading/Writer’s Notebook

Prayer hosted by Daniel and Vien



Design and Technology Provocation

Students were asked to record where the food we buy from the supermarkets was before getting on the shelves as we see them!

Evie’s Apple production flow chart:


Evie’s Personal Inquiry about USA