Wednesday 12th December (Term 4, Week 9) ……Highlights of the day……

Buddies Celebration

Thank you to our buddies from 2IB & 2TD for a wonderful year together. We gave them our gifts and cards today and then played some board games together.

Christmas elf yourself 1-1gwakcf

Tuesday 11th December (Term 4, Week 9)…….HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY……

Literacy Writing Prompts

Home Economics

Today the children of 4RG got to make their own icing and then used it to decorate a gingerbread cookie. This came about after the children loved our last home economic activity where we made little gingerbread houses using  ordinary biscuits.

Merry Christmas from Mrs. Giannakakis

I can’t believe we are only 2 days away from the end of the school year. It’s that time of the year where families begin to finish their school days and head off for holidays so I am taking the opportunity to say my thanks and well wishes.

I have had such a wonderful year teaching, learning and growing with 4RG and time has flown! Thank you to every child that was apart of 4RG and to our parents and caregivers who supported us through the highs and lows, every excursion, class celebration, homework and much more. Without the support from you, we wouldn’t be able to flourish.

I have loved working with every child and wish all the children and families a happy and safe break. For those moving on, I wish you all the best on your new journey and hope we can stay in touch. For those who will be taking a break and then returning to HFCS, please keep dropping in next year and say hello. It is always so lovely seeing past students and families stopping to say hello.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In kindness, Mrs Giannakakis

Monday 10th December (Term 4, Week 9) ………HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR DAY…….


Literacy Writing Prompts & 100 Language Making

Using all the text types we have explored this year, children are engaging in 100 language writing prompts based on their ideas of Christmas! Children have also been using their creativity to create 100 Language Christmas decorations and making!

Numeracy: Exploring symmetry and ways to reflect them!

Thursday 6th December (Term 4, Week 8)

Writer’s Notebook

The rise of the pizzas 2.0 Vien-ujncov

the modern family Taihya-115iqat

the afl match Nathan-22oy74t

Paw patrol Lincoln-1fwezv6


Wednesday 5th December (Term 4, Week 8)

Writer’s Notebook

Fitness: friendly found of dodgeball

Farewell Party for Mia, Maddy, Thien, Thinh, Aditi and Anshika!

Today our class had a farewell surprise party to honour our class members who will be moving to a new school next year. Thank you to the families who brought a plate of food to share. It was a lovely afternoon celebrating every child, especially those that will be moving on.



Have a look at Taihya, Finn and Lincoln’s projects on natural disasters. They used their 100 languages and love of ICT to create a ‘weather report’ project.

Taihya news bush fires clipped-2knqjkl

Finn’s Bush Fire clipped-1hryd3z

Lincoln bush fires clipped-z2y6cu

Anshika did a poster for her two topics ‘Bush Fire’ and ‘Tsunami’.



Tuesday 4th December (Term 4, Week 8)

Writer’s Notebook



Today we explored the idea of symmetry. Children created as many objects/shapes with symmetry as they could.

Evie found lots of symmetrical objects in our classroom including her face!


After exploring some religious Christmas symbols, the children were invited to use their 100 languages to give their Year 2 buddy a Christmas present. We will present these to our buddies this week.


Monday 3rd December (Term 4, Week 8)

Writer’s Notebook

Thank you to the children who have started to submit their term 4 writer’s notebook.

Thinh guess the soccer player-1cz63kc

Mia The best party ever-2jcp06x

Making gingerbread inspired houses using biscuits, lollies and icing!

The Final Houses

Anshika’s Investigation Puppet Show Presentation

Anshikas puppet show-1x79ddx

Literacy Christmas Provocations


Friday 30th November (Term 4, Week 7)


Welcome to Jay Jay’s Christmas Cafe!

Jay Jays Christmas Cafe-2h5tb5r

The children from 4RG asked if we could invite other ‘customers’ from different classes and so we did and business was BOOMING! Have a look a how busy the restaurant is now. The owners started a nail salon joined to the shop to cater to the large numbers.

Business is booming at the cafe-1ef7eqr

Some of our visitors came from REQ, 6/7MS, 6/7NB, 1EC, 2IB AND 2TD. Thank you to these ‘customers’ for playing with us!

Kaiden: “I made a gingerbread house and it has beads for decoration, a garden. The garden has gummy bears growing. It has a waterfall at the front. A pathway for people to lead them to the door. I built it by cardboard”.