Monday 18th March (Week 8, Term 1)

Guided Reading 

This week, children are reflecting on the issue that is ‘waste’. After realising that some children are having difficulties in using the appropriate bins in class, it felt necessary to focus on this issue for the week to consolidate the importance of their role in helping protect our environment. Here is the link to the news segment.

Prayer hosted by Shylah and Terry

Shylah: Dear God thank you for oceans because we have sea animals that live in there and we can swim in it.

Terry: Dear God thank you for oceans because we can catch sea animals to eat them.

Billy: Dear God thank you for oceans because it helps us to learn to swim.

Evie:Dear God thank you for oceans because the animals can swim in it and without the ocean we wouldn’t have any water.


To help the students understand the foundation of multiplication they investigated ways of using known facts and strategies, such as commutativity to solve multiplication sentences.

Dance Practise and Assembly Prep with Writer’s Notebook 


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It’s a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. At Holy Family, we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Friday March 23rd at 9am. Parents are warmly invited to attend the 4RG Assembly  which will focus on celebrating our diversity and which will also feature different cultural dances.

Students are invited to bring a plate of food that represents their culture for a shared lunch in their classes. Parents and carers are also welcome to join their children’s classes in the shared lunch. We will have our shared lunch at 12:15/12:30pm.

In Kindness,

Rita Giannakakis

Friday 16th March (Week 7, Term 1)

As week 7 draws to a close, we are at full speed with assembly preparations. Our Assembly is on Friday 23rd March at 9am in our school hall. For this day, I am asking that children come to school wearing the following:

Boys– White t-shirt with black pants (school winter black pants are suitable)

Girls– White t-shirts and black shorts (because the girls will be given Spanish skirts to wear over their shorts).

All children WILL BE ABLE to change into their ‘Orange’ casual Clothes after assembly or stay in their white top/black pants/shorts.

Our class will also be having a shared lunch on this day. Please support your child in them bringing a plate of savoury food to share with their peers.

We are looking forward to celebrating harmony Day with you and hope to see you there.

Dance Practise

The children have now learnt their entire dance routine and now its just a matter of refinement, whilst continuing to have lots of fun.

Buddies: Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

4RG got together with their Year 2 buddies to create ‘Bully or Buddies’. This activity encouraged dialogue amongst the children to help them identify what characteristics makes a ‘buddy’ and what characteristics makes a ‘bully’. Working with their Year 2 buddy, 4RG created characters with either bully or buddy qualities. Check out our display.

Art: Good copies of our self portraits using charcoal.  

Thursday 15th March (Week 7, Term 1)

Come Read With Me

Guided Reading



Vien: Dear God, thank you for trees because animals can live in them and they give us air.

Thien: Dear God, thank you for trees because they give us lots of oxygen.

Emily: Dear God, thank you for trees because they can give us oxygen and all the living animals can breath.

Billy: Dear God, thank you for trees because they help us live and give us food.

Art: Portraits continued and Assembly Preparation

Writer’s Notebook and Assembly video making using our continent projects

Wednesday 14th March (Week 7, Term 1)

Come Read With Me followed by Guided Reading


Today we started our investigations for multiplications and patterning. The students played a game to help them identify and extend spatial and number patterns. They had to observe how spatial patterns may be represented in tables, graphs, text and mathematical symbols. The game was called ‘Circus Towers’!


Nathan- Dear God, thank you for family because they nature you and teach you want you can do in life and they give you he positives not the negatives.

Finn- Dear God thank you for family because if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have no one to live with, no want to look after us and no joy.

Thien- Dear God, thank you for family because if we had no family that means we have no one to look after us.

Vien- Dear God, thank you for family because they make food for us and care about us.

Visual Art-I am Australian Portraits and Writer’s Notebook

Each child presented their ‘working progress stories’ today to the teacher. These stories are due at the end of this term and most children are well on their way to completing them.

In connection with our ‘I am Australian Too’ theme, today we looked at what makes us special. After sharing our ideas, students looked at ways to draw a self portrait of themselves and discussed some ideas about famous portraits. We used a template to support us today and will build up to our good copies by the end of the week.

Dance Practise

Its so wonderful to hear that so many students are practising their dance at home. I can’t wait to show you the final performance at our WEEK 8 Assembly!


Tuesday 14th March (Week 7, Term 1)

Come Read With Me

In Library, we have been looking at chasing the right books for us. Here is a helpful resources to support you at home in helping your child chose their correct book!

Guided Reading

Over the next few weeks, children will be reflecting on their learning using their blogs so please head to your child’s blog by this Friday to read about their learning in Numeracy.


As a class we continued to build our skipping stamina or team work with four square. Todays lesson acted as a small brain break along with our fruit!

Literacy Workshop

After noticing many children are unsure of how and when to use capital letters, we had a workshop unpacking the importance using capital letters in the correct place within out writing. We looked closely at proper nouns and the children made a list of proper nouns that they are familiar with.

Prayer hosted by Vien and Thien

Thien: Dear God, thank you for sports because it keeps us fit and healthy.

Vien: Dear God, thank you for sports because you can get healthy and you can play sports with our friends.

Lincoln: Dear God, thank you for sports because you can play handball and you can play with your friends.

Thinh: Dear God, thank you for sports because its a way to communicate with one another and you can make friends that way.

Geography- Sharing our projects with our peers

Library-This weeks book is….. Mad Magpie!


We ended our day with a dance practise. Please encourage your child to practise their dance at home.




Friday 9th March (Week 6, Term 1)


Dance Practise

Today we had a dance Practise in the hall ready for our Harmony Day Assembly. Each student has the music on their laptops so please encourage them to practise at home during the long weekend. We can’t wait to share our dance with you during our week 8 Assembly.

Numeracy- place value continued