Wednesday 14th Feb (week 3, Term 1)

Guided Reading

This week children are reflecting on their learning in Literacy. Please visit your Childs blog to see their reflections by the end of this week.

Ash Wednesday Mass

The whole school celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass today. It was great to see Mass and sing the songs as it gave us a good chance to also practise the responses and songs for our own Ash Wednesday Liturgy.


In Fitness this term, we will be playing some Traditional Indigenous Games and learn some language to help us identify Indigenous words. Here is todays game focus: Jillora!



A popular program we use in class ‘Silk’ The students absolutely love it and its a great tool to help calm children. We always use this program with some meditation music in the background to help us slow our breathing and build mindful agency.


Today we moved on from our addition and introduced subtraction.

Health: Continuation of our Top 5 Character Strengths

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