Monday 4th June (Term 2, Week 6)

Guided Reading

This weeks activities: Literacy workshop on speech marks, guided reading with the teacher, community service (reading to the year 2’s) and Writer’s Workshop.

Prayer hosted by Riley and Mary

Mary: Dear God, Thank you for school because you can get an education and you grow up and be smart.

Riley: Dear God, Thank you for school because you learn with them and without them you’d have no job, no house and no nothing,

Evie: Dear God, Thank you for school because you get a good education and it helps you get a job in the future.

Nathan: Dear God, Thank you for school because sometimes you can have beautiful teachers like the one I have now and you get older and remember all the stuff you learnt,

Numeracy: Sharing our methods for solving worded problems using money

Today the children worked in small groups to share their problem solving strategies with one another. These were based on money challenges.

HASS- Navigator/Explorer Research projects 

The children started their research based on their chosen explorer/navigator or trader. The children will be using their 100 Languages to present their research. After last weeks mini lesson exploring bibliographies, the children have began to record all the links they have used in gathering their information. We also looked closely at the criteria sheet as this will help the children check off al elements of their project.

Explorer or Navigator Assessment-1v49q5c

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