Tuesday 5th June (Term 2, Week 6)

Come Read With Me Hosted by Leon

Guided Reading


Today we started to explore Prayer and Liturgy. Students shared what prayer is to them and stories from the bible about Jesus praying.

Evie- When you talk to God

Emily- When you thank God

Fate- When you say something to God

Billy- When your thanking God and Jesus

Nathan- Where you have ceremony with God and you. Saying

things to God that you are thankful for.

Shylah- Its when you promise God somthing

Anshika- Its when you share your feelings

Taihya- Its when you tell God that your thankful for what he

made for everyone.

We looked carefully at Mark 1: 35-38, ‘Jesus goes to a solitary place to pray’ and reflected on these questions…

1. Why do you think Jesus went to pray on his own?

2. What other ways did Jesus pray?

3. What are some of the ways you might pray and strengthen your relationship with your God?

Children presented their reflections using their 100 Languages.

Aditi-2kh6moo Aditi-2b5t2wy Clarks prayer reflection-2jmb574 Kimberley Prayer reflections-2k4jmz5 Maddies prayer reflection-1tjfy5d Mia Prayer reflection-1bq8bjt prayer refltion-1qkxpdu
Thiens prayer reflection-24yeesu Vien prayer reflection-1dcsrtd

Prayer hosted by Mary and Riley

Mary: Dear God, sorry for being naughty when I don’t listen to my Mum and Dad. Please forgive me.

Riley: Dear God, sorry for not cleaning my room and being naughty so please forgive me.

Nathan: Dear God, sorry for being naughty when I never listen to my Mum.

Emily: Dear God, sorry for being naughty whenever I do something that my mum and Dad don’t want me to do.


Well done to the students who keep bringing their library books to school everyday especially on Tuesday because this is our re-borrowing day. I hope that ‘reading at home’ is continuing to be a daily activity for the children.  Today in Library, we read a story titled ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’ written by Andrea Beaty. Thank you to Taihya for volunteering to read this book to the class.

Today is World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day so we played a game with the whiteboards. Children were asked ‘Can this go into the GREEN bin’ and had to answer yes or no using their white boards. It was such a fun way to learn about all the things we can put into the GREEN bins at home and at school. Everything listed belong (except the packet of chips) can be put into your GREEN BINS!


Over the past few weeks we have been unpacking our learning in Indigenous Education because of our excursion to the South Australian Museum and the children curiosity. To build on what we have learnt so far, children learnt how to count from 1 to 10 in the Kaurna language. The children had a lot of fun and we had some students also teach us how to count in their language as well. Mrs. G also had a turn in teaching how to count in Arabic.







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