Wednesday 6th June (Term 2, Week 6)

Welcome Circle using Kaurna Language

Come Read With Me hosted by Fayzan

Guided Reading

HASS- Indigenous People’s connection to land, sea and sky: exploring sustainability

Children created a 100 Language presentation showing the importance of Land/Sea or Sky for the Aboriginal People. They chose which aspect of the Country most interested them and explored it using three provocations.

The provocations were based on three Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander  books…..

Aboriginal Land By Anshika-28reg61

Mia connection to sky-2esejky

Numeracy: exploring Kaurna numbers and numbers from different languages (continued)

Fateh’s Numbers aboriginal-23r5xpd Anshika Numbers-27s76d1 CLARK AND NATHAN -11wc5d4 Clarks Numbers-tft60g Manan Numbers Aboriginal -2ireow0 Thien numbers in Kurna-2bqndal

Prayer hosted by Riley

Riley: Dear God, I’m sorry for being naughty and not cleaning my room because that won’t make the environment happy.

Kimberley: Dear God, I’m sorry for not listening to my Mum, not cleaning my room and not making my bed and Im sorry for not listening to my Mum and making my lunch

Nathan: Dear God, I’m sorry for being naughty when I don’t clean my room and when I do the wrong things.

Evie: Dear God, I’m sorry for not doing what Im told.

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