Thursday 7th June (Term 2, Week 6)

  Come Read With Me hosted by 

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop and Kaurna Numbers in Numeracy (work in progress)

Art: Aboriginal Art using symbols

After looking at our Excursion photos, many children noticed lots of repeating patterns found in some of the Aboriginal Artwork. Today we explored this curiosity by looking closely at the importance of this type of art work. We discovered that there is no written language for Aboriginal people so important cultural stories are passed down through the generations by symbols and icons portrayed in artwork. 

Children had a go at exploring these symbols and icons today. Some creating secret stories and having their Friedan try to solve them.

Prayer hosted by Riley and Mary

Riley: Dear God, thank you for water because without it there wouldn’t be any fish, dolphins and whales.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for water because  it keep us hydrated.

Evie: Dear God, thank you for water because  it keeps the sea animals alive and the water keeps us alive.

Nathan: Dear God, thank you for water because it help you when you are running.

HASS- History

Children worked in their pairs to continue their projects about their chosen Navigator/Explorer/Traders.

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