Tuesday 12th June (Term 2, Week 7)


Today we explored a form of prayer using Mandalas. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’ or ‘centre’. Within the circle there are various images arranged with repeating shapes, colours and patterns. In Christianity, some examples of Mandalas include halos, the rosary, stained glass windows and the Celtic Cross. Children investigated how to create their own Mandala influenced by their creativity and with the help of some meditation music.

Guided Reading

Prayer hosted by Shylah and Manan

Shylah: Dear God, thank you for exciting things because we can spend time with our family and have fun.

Manan:Dear God, thank you for exciting things because you can have fun with family, family friends and sisters and brothers.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for exciting things because some exciting things are fun and make me happy.

Riley: Dear God, thank you for exciting things and one exciting thing that happened to me today is that I lost a tooth.


Today we read a story about Harvey who rushed to the shops to buy the Orange 430! He didn’t know what it was but bought it anyway. When he realised it was useless, he decided to play with the box it came in instead. We had a great chat about the ‘useless’ things we have bought and shared our stories. It was a great way for children to connect their ideas with the book. This is one way that children build their comprehension.


Many of the children in 4RG have been talking about the upcoming Fifa World Cup so to connect their curiosity with Geography, the children were asked to investigate all the countries that are in the World Cup and find the countries correct Flag.

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We continued to learn how to count form 1 to 10. The children are becoming more confident in counting and using the kaurna language to explore numbers.

Taihya and mia kairna numbers-1pvy2o0 Udesh-11rbqy5 1-10 in Kaurna Nhi,Emily and Mary-1bse5gr Daniel-25byvw2 Thien and Fateh 1 to 10 in kaurna-tu3e88

1 to 10 Aditi & Anshika-1lhol48

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