Thursday 21st June (Term 2, Week 8)

Come Read With Me hosted by Clark 

Guided Reading

Writer’s Notebook

Writer’s Notebook is due at the end of next week so the children are coming closer to their final and edited story. Many have started to create hard covers for their books and they look great! I applaud those who are also working their books during home time, it is evident how much the children love writing and creating books.

Pokémon Dreams By Mary-x0epxo

Pokemon Fantasy By Nhi-1k7b0hy

High school Maddie -1amqj8n

Kristie’s life Emily Term 2 Writers notebook-xetts6

Prayer hosted by Aditi and Nhi

Aditi: Dear God, thank you for singing because when we sing to god, it makes God feels nice and I hope everybody feels nice.

Nhi: Dear God, thank you for singing because sometimes it can be peaceful and sometimes it can help you cheer.

Shylah: Dear God, thank you for singing because its fun and it can be beautiful.

Manan: Dear God, thank you for singing because its a great exercise for your mouth.

Birthday celebrations for Kimberley

Numeracy: Kaurna Calendars (continued)



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    • Thanks for leaving a comment Clark! It is always challenging to speak in front of an audience but you used bravery and perseverance to get through it and I believe you did a fantastic job. You spoke clearly and with expression. I am proud of your growth mindset! Keep up the great effort.
      From Mrs. Giannakakis

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