Tuesday 26th June (Term 2, Week 9)

Come Read With Me hosted by Mary and Terry


Children reflected on the places where Jesus liked to pray and created a digital illustration depicting their ideas. We also looked at the prayer that Jesus gave the disciples, The Lord’s Prayer’ and children created their own poster using ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.

The Lord’s Prayer


Guided Reading

Prayer hosted by Terry and Maddy

Maddy and Terry showed a video about children at school. Our prayers were shared about certain times in the world where children were not safe at school. Today they had our prayers….

Terry: Dear God, thank you for heaven because it is a happy place where people can rest.

Maddy: Dear God, thank you for heaven because without heaven, we wouldn’t have somewhere to go when we die.

Aditi: Dear God, thank you for heaven because people can live peace and thats where people can rest.

Nhi: Terry: Dear God, thank you for heaven because its a safe place for the people who die.

Kaurna Calendars for Numeracy

Aditi Calendar-1rx7yn8

Anshika Calender-vuq7ud


Todays story was an amazing journey to find the perfect name for God. By the end of the book, the characters agreed that God has many names. There were some of the names mentioned within the book;

Source of Life, Creator of light, Shepherd, Maker of peace, My Rock, Healer, Redeemer, Ancient One, Comforter, Mother, Father and Friend.

Some students shared their names for God:

Udesh: Lord

Shylah: My creator

Aditi: Peace keeper

Nathan: Our lover

Personal Investigations

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