Wednesday 27th June (Term 2, Week 9)

Come Read With Me hosted by Billy and Emily

Guided Reading

Religion: Researching about Saints

Saints we know…

St Ann

St Peter

St Domenic

St Patrick

St Matthew

St Luigi




Why do you think it is a tradition to pray to saints?

Finn- Because they are a big part of the Catholic community

Taihya- Because they helped alot of people

Thien- Because they helped most of the poor when they had nothing,

Nhi- We pray to the saints becuase they did alot of good things and they were in

the Catholic community.

Prayer hosted Maddy and Terry

Maddy: Dear God, thank you for Saints because they lead us to do the right thing and to follow Jesus.

Terry:  Dear God, thank you for Saints because we can be like saints by following in their footsteps and do the right thing like a role model.

Nhi:  Dear God, thank you for Saints because they do amazing things and they help people.

Aditi:  Dear God, thank you for Saints because they lead us into good things and not bad things, they tell us what to do somethings and tell us to be like them and help them like the poor people.

Aditi-2b6y3sv Anshika-tue6kb Billy -xvo2x8 Clark St Joseph-28845ys Daniel St Joseph-1eapwpd Fateh’s profile of Saint Daniel-2m9mg18 kaidan’s st John-1u27ru1 Mother Teresa Mary-1qbs7i8 Saint Luigi Manan-1ic12fu Saint Luigi Scrosoppl Fayzan-23t7bz3 Saint Patrick by Terry-21skptc St Dominic By Emily-2ls7x9d ST Francis Udesh-1sztwo8 st mother tereser mia-1lvsukk St Vincent De Paul by Nhi-23l44mp Thien St Mother Teresa-2lzvx9y Vien Saint Vincent-1mthmvr

Numeracy: Kaurna Calendars

Kaurna Calendar By Emily-2jmesun

Nhi Kaurna Calendar-291a0aq

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