Monday 2nd July (Term 2, Week 10)

Welcome to the last week of Term 2! This week is NAIDOC Week!

Guided Reading 

Prayer hosted by Emily and Fatehvir

Emily: Dear God, thank you for my imagination so when I’m lonely, I can imagine whatever I want.

Fatehvir: Dear God, thank you for my imagination because if we want to draw something and you have no idea, you can use your imagination.

Terry:  Dear God, thank you for my imagination because it helps us to think cool things and helps us get ideas to do stuff.

Maddy: Dear God, thank you for my imagination because without it, I would be a boring old person and not have that much ideas.

NAIDOC WEEK Celebrations

Children used their 100 languages to explore there ideas of NAIDOC Week, plus completing a colouring in competition created by ‘Reading Australia’ (this was optional).

2018 NAIDOC Week colouring competition!

NAIDOC week MADDIE-12rberr

Aditi and Anshika -21g8163

Naidoc week Fayzan-rmwgr8


This semester, 4RG have learnt about text types. Our particular focus has been on recounts, narratives and procedures. To complete and revise our learning and to celebrate our growth, the children participated in 3 different Kahoots. One Kahoot tested the students knowledge on narratives, one on recount and one on procedures. The children had a lot of fun in this interactive and non-intimidating learning experience.





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