Tuesday 31st July (Term 3, Week 2)

Come Read With Me

Come Read With Me has been changing over the term to cater to what the children are wanting to explore within their reading skills. This term, we will be using popular authors to help us build our expression in reading. We have started today with an award winning book written by Mo Willems. His ‘Gerald and Piggie’ books are written using speech bubbles, therefore, they are a wonderful resource to explore reading with expression. He is a known author to some of the children in our class.

Guided Reading/Writer’s Workshop

Prayer hosted by Daniel and Clark

Daniel: Dear God, thank you sisters because we can play with them and they can help you with other things and when you’re bored they can cheer you up.

Clark: Dear God, thank you sisters, please helps me to show that I love her even when she makes me cross.

Library- Book of the Week


Design and Technology

Children had a play on an online game called ‘Farm to Fork’ that explores how certain foods are produced from their organic state to the final product we eat. Thank you to Evie for finding a more challenging level for everyone to have a go at.


Working in pairs, students explored a website and choose a topic of interest and then used their 100 languages to present their learning.


Design and Technology Provocation with our Buddies

It is important to eat the rainbow. Children used their creativity to create pictures using a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.

Thinh preforms to the class


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