Tuesday 7th August (Term 3, Week 3)

Shylah’s Show and Tell

A photo of Shylah playing rugby from the weekend has gone internet viral. Thank you Shylah for sharing your awesome story with us. #tacklelikeagirl #girlpower


Guided Reading 

Numeracy- Exploring Worded Problems

Prayer hosted by Mia and Fatehvir

Mia: “Dear God, thank you for the light because we can see and we won’t be really that dark.”

Fatehvir: “Dear God, thank you for making light because we can see and we can just see what is happening and we can see some insects.”

Art: Creating our ‘Story bricks’, inspired by Indigenous Art

Children could illustrate or write about their identity/story!


Thank you Taihya for reading this weeks book!

Writer’s Notebook

Assembly Prep

Today some children received their speaking parts. Please encourage your child to practise every night.


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