Thursday 9th August (Term 3, Week 3)

Our morning started with our final practise for tomorrow’s buddy assembly. Our class size was a small number today with many of the children at Cross Country. Good luck to all the runners!

Guided Reading and Writer’s Notebook

Health: Keeping Safe

Today the children looked at warning signs in our body when we are nervous, scared, angry etc. Children used their 100 languages to show some of their warning signs and then we added all our ideas on to one cut out.

Personal Inquiry

With half the class out today, it was the perfect day for each child to work on their personal inquiry. Here are some of the things students in the class are working on.

Evie- Making a cat scratching house

Finn- Making a cardboard lock puzzle

Nhi- Inquiring into star signs

Shylah- Making a rabbit house

Maddy- Making dog houses


Dear special men in our lives,

Please join us onThursday 30th August at 9amtill 10:10am in our classroom for our Class Morning Prayer celebrating the men we love. All children will share their ‘Father’s Day’ prayers and after, we will be having a celebration with our very special visiting men. We will have activities that you and your child can engage in for a bit of fun. We hope to have all our Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Big Brothers etc join us for this fun and special morning.

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