Thursday 6th September (Term, 3, Week 7)

Guided Reading

Writer’s Notebook

Prayer hosted by Anshika and Emily

Anshika: Dear God, thank you for people who care for us because they can keep us safe and sound and we can learn from them.

Emily: Dear God, thank you for the people who care for us so we can care them as well and they are nice and wonderful.

Moon Lantern Making


Today children had two investigations to choose from depending on what they wanted to focus on. One investigation explored grams and kilograms using kitchen scales and weighing random objects found in the class room. The other involved the children investigating all metric units and grouping them and ordering them.

Religion: Today in MITIOG, children drew their understanding of how a foetus grows and develops.┬áRemaining children worked on their writer’s notebook and numeracy investigations.



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