Tuesday 11th September (Term 3, Weeks 8)

Moon Lantern  Note

Moon Lantern Festival Note-1no9hfb

Guided Reading & Writer’s Workshop


Today children investigated how to measure objects in centimetres and millimetres using a ruler.

Prayer hosted by Nhi and Maddie

Nhi: Dear God, thank you for Life because I will be here and I have lots of good friends and my family as well.

Maddie: Dear God, thank you for our life because we can look after the amazing world you gave us.

Religion: MITIOG

Today we read the story ‘When you were born’ written by Dianna Hutts Aston and the children used their 100 languages to depict how their family/culture celebrates new life and/or welcoming a new baby.



Thank you to Maddie for modelling the reading this week during our library time. Today’s shared book was called Wisp, written by zANA Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith.


We joined together with 2IB & 2TD for some more singing practise and worked on some special assembly items. We also continued making our Moon lanterns ready for judging this Monday.

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