Thursday 27th September (Term 3, Week 4)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook


Today we started our lesson with a warm up game. All the children were standing and a ‘unseen’ countdown timer was counting down 10 seconds. When the children thought 10 seconds was up, they sat down. We then repeated the game for 30 seconds, 1 minute and so on. Children then shared their strategies.

After discussing time and the pats of our day, organised by time, children created a clock face in their book using the language  ‘o’clock’, ‘quarter past’, ‘half past’ and ‘quarter too’. They will refer to this clock later on as we continue to learn about converting units of time.

Children refreshed their learning by creating clocks and showing the times using to the hour, half past and quarter past with quarter too.

Health- Keeping Safe

Today we focused on problem solving strategies. Children used their 100 languages  to create positive strategies for random scenarios that we created as a class and the children were instructed to use the new framework taught to them called the ‘Problem Solving Model’.

Aditi-2bboaz6 Problem Solving by Nhi-2nnl2eg Problem Solving Mary-1a1ucth

Prayer hosted by Daniel and Udesh

Daniel: Dear God, thank you for plants because you can grow them and you can pick stuff out.

Udesh: Dear God, thank you for plants because they grow fruit and vegetables and they keep us healthy.

Drama- Practising fairytales


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