Friday 30th November (Term 4, Week 7)


Welcome to Jay Jay’s Christmas Cafe!

Jay Jays Christmas Cafe-2h5tb5r

The children from 4RG asked if we could invite other ‘customers’ from different classes and so we did and business was BOOMING! Have a look a how busy the restaurant is now. The owners started a nail salon joined to the shop to cater to the large numbers.

Business is booming at the cafe-1ef7eqr

Some of our visitors came from REQ, 6/7MS, 6/7NB, 1EC, 2IB AND 2TD. Thank you to these ‘customers’ for playing with us!

Kaiden: “I made a gingerbread house and it has beads for decoration, a garden. The garden has gummy bears growing. It has a waterfall at the front. A pathway for people to lead them to the door. I built it by cardboard”.

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