Wednesday 5th December (Term 4, Week 8)

Writer’s Notebook

Fitness: friendly found of dodgeball

Farewell Party for Mia, Maddy, Thien, Thinh, Aditi and Anshika!

Today our class had a farewell surprise party to honour our class members who will be moving to a new school next year. Thank you to the families who brought a plate of food to share. It was a lovely afternoon celebrating every child, especially those that will be moving on.



Have a look at Taihya, Finn and Lincoln’s projects on natural disasters. They used their 100 languages and love of ICT to create a ‘weather report’ project.

Taihya news bush fires clipped-2knqjkl

Finn’s Bush Fire clipped-1hryd3z

Lincoln bush fires clipped-z2y6cu

Anshika did a poster for her two topics ‘Bush Fire’ and ‘Tsunami’.



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