Monday 18th June (Term 2, Week 8)

Come Read With Me hosted by Vien

Guided Reading (focusing on their, they’re and there)

Prayer hosted by Aditi and Anshika

Aditi: Dear God, I find it hard waiting for my friends to come to school so I can play for them.

Nhi: Dear God, I find it hard to wait for my grades because I want to know what I got.

Shylah: Dear God, I can’t wait for my Dad to come home.

Manan: Dear God, I can’t wait to go home.

Taihya: Dear God, its hard for me to wait for my friends to come over or when I want to play with my friends.


Students used a calendar focused on dreamtime to explore the Kaurna months of the year. Using their 100 languages, children started to create a calendar featuring Indigenous art work for each month. This also allowed us to look at the season in the Aboriginal Year and link it to the similarities of western seasons.


Children used their afternoon to complete their Explorer/Navigator projects. Those groups who have already finished worked on their Numeracy addition extension. Children are challenging themselves by adding more dice or using a dice with a higher amount.

Friday 15th June (Term 2, Week 7)

Literacy/Visual Art

After today’s Assembly, we read a book called ‘When we Go Walkabout’ written by Rhonda Lalara and Alfred Lalara. It explores different types of environments and identifies some animals that live within that habitat. The children used this book as a provocation to create their own habitat drawing whilst acknowledging one animal that lives there. We also looked closely at creating interesting sentences using descriptive language.

Come Read With Me hosted by Finn

Prayer hosted by Shylah and Manan

Maddy : Dear God thank you for plants and trees because, they give us oxygen.

Manan:Dear God thank you for plants and trees because, when we plant them we can get food for them.

Nathan:Dear God thank you for plants and trees because, it give us oxygen and enjoy life.

Mary:Dear God thank you for plants and trees because, give us oxygen and there lots fruits and food.

HASS: Explore and Navigator project continued….

Independent Learning Workshops

Many of the children often share things that make them wonder. In some cases, we explore certain examples as a class. This afternoon was an example where each child could investigate and explore an aspect of their curiosity.

Vien and Daniel investigated an iStopMotion using lego. It was based on how volcanoes erupt.

Mia and Aditi engaged in art and craft activities using ICT.

Mary and Nhi continued to investigate animation making.

Evie, Shylah,  Kimberley and Taihya focused their curiosity on portrait drawing.

Terry used his time to work on his Writer’s notebook. He edited it with the teacher.

Thinh and Udesh created a mini presentation all about the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Manan, Fatehvir and Fayzan made an iMovie about space. The were curious about all the planets after Manan asked “What is Neptune made out of?”.

Riley, Finn, Emily, Lincoln, Kaidan, Clark, Maddy and Thien explored how to make a flip book.

Nathan explored drawing portraits of the people in our class.



Thursday 14th June (Term 2, Week 7)

Come Read With Me hosted by Maddy

Guided Reading

Visual Art

The children explored x-ray Aboriginal Art.

Prayer hosted by Shylah and Manan

Shylah: Dear God, thank you for giving me a mouth to eat because we can get healthy with food and we can drink water.

Manan: Dear God, thank you for giving me a mouth to eat because you can eat lots of healthy stuff and not starve.

Riley: Dear God, thank you for giving me a mouth to eat because without it we would starve and all the food would go to waste.

Anshika: Dear God, thank you for giving me a mouth to eat because if we didn’t have. a mouth we would be starving and hungry and thank you for giving us a mouth to talk and share our feelings.

HASS- Explorer and Navigator Projects continue



Tuesday 12th June (Term 2, Week 7)


Today we explored a form of prayer using Mandalas. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’ or ‘centre’. Within the circle there are various images arranged with repeating shapes, colours and patterns. In Christianity, some examples of Mandalas include halos, the rosary, stained glass windows and the Celtic Cross. Children investigated how to create their own Mandala influenced by their creativity and with the help of some meditation music.

Guided Reading

Prayer hosted by Shylah and Manan

Shylah: Dear God, thank you for exciting things because we can spend time with our family and have fun.

Manan:Dear God, thank you for exciting things because you can have fun with family, family friends and sisters and brothers.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for exciting things because some exciting things are fun and make me happy.

Riley: Dear God, thank you for exciting things and one exciting thing that happened to me today is that I lost a tooth.


Today we read a story about Harvey who rushed to the shops to buy the Orange 430! He didn’t know what it was but bought it anyway. When he realised it was useless, he decided to play with the box it came in instead. We had a great chat about the ‘useless’ things we have bought and shared our stories. It was a great way for children to connect their ideas with the book. This is one way that children build their comprehension.


Many of the children in 4RG have been talking about the upcoming Fifa World Cup so to connect their curiosity with Geography, the children were asked to investigate all the countries that are in the World Cup and find the countries correct Flag.

Anshika.-1gl0not Clark world cup-1u66e4m Manan -1ifu3c6


We continued to learn how to count form 1 to 10. The children are becoming more confident in counting and using the kaurna language to explore numbers.

Taihya and mia kairna numbers-1pvy2o0 Udesh-11rbqy5 1-10 in Kaurna Nhi,Emily and Mary-1bse5gr Daniel-25byvw2 Thien and Fateh 1 to 10 in kaurna-tu3e88

1 to 10 Aditi & Anshika-1lhol48

Friday 8th June (Week 6, Term 2)

Art: Aboriginal Icons and Symbols

Writer’s Notebook

Visual Art: Learning how to design and make a magazine cover

Today the children learnt about what goes behind the creation of magazine covers. We studies fonts, colours, target audience, titles, tag lines, barcodes etc. Using their creativity, children created their own magazine covers using inspiration for our excursion to the Museum.

Thursday 7th June (Term 2, Week 6)

  Come Read With Me hosted by 

Guided Reading

Writer’s Workshop and Kaurna Numbers in Numeracy (work in progress)

Art: Aboriginal Art using symbols

After looking at our Excursion photos, many children noticed lots of repeating patterns found in some of the Aboriginal Artwork. Today we explored this curiosity by looking closely at the importance of this type of art work. We discovered that there is no written language for Aboriginal people so important cultural stories are passed down through the generations by symbols and icons portrayed in artwork. 

Children had a go at exploring these symbols and icons today. Some creating secret stories and having their Friedan try to solve them.

Prayer hosted by Riley and Mary

Riley: Dear God, thank you for water because without it there wouldn’t be any fish, dolphins and whales.

Mary: Dear God, thank you for water because  it keep us hydrated.

Evie: Dear God, thank you for water because  it keeps the sea animals alive and the water keeps us alive.

Nathan: Dear God, thank you for water because it help you when you are running.

HASS- History

Children worked in their pairs to continue their projects about their chosen Navigator/Explorer/Traders.

Wednesday 6th June (Term 2, Week 6)

Welcome Circle using Kaurna Language

Come Read With Me hosted by Fayzan

Guided Reading

HASS- Indigenous People’s connection to land, sea and sky: exploring sustainability

Children created a 100 Language presentation showing the importance of Land/Sea or Sky for the Aboriginal People. They chose which aspect of the Country most interested them and explored it using three provocations.

The provocations were based on three Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander  books…..

Aboriginal Land By Anshika-28reg61

Mia connection to sky-2esejky

Numeracy: exploring Kaurna numbers and numbers from different languages (continued)

Fateh’s Numbers aboriginal-23r5xpd Anshika Numbers-27s76d1 CLARK AND NATHAN -11wc5d4 Clarks Numbers-tft60g Manan Numbers Aboriginal -2ireow0 Thien numbers in Kurna-2bqndal

Prayer hosted by Riley

Riley: Dear God, I’m sorry for being naughty and not cleaning my room because that won’t make the environment happy.

Kimberley: Dear God, I’m sorry for not listening to my Mum, not cleaning my room and not making my bed and Im sorry for not listening to my Mum and making my lunch

Nathan: Dear God, I’m sorry for being naughty when I don’t clean my room and when I do the wrong things.

Evie: Dear God, I’m sorry for not doing what Im told.

Tuesday 5th June (Term 2, Week 6)

Come Read With Me Hosted by Leon

Guided Reading


Today we started to explore Prayer and Liturgy. Students shared what prayer is to them and stories from the bible about Jesus praying.

Evie- When you talk to God

Emily- When you thank God

Fate- When you say something to God

Billy- When your thanking God and Jesus

Nathan- Where you have ceremony with God and you. Saying

things to God that you are thankful for.

Shylah- Its when you promise God somthing

Anshika- Its when you share your feelings

Taihya- Its when you tell God that your thankful for what he

made for everyone.

We looked carefully at Mark 1: 35-38, ‘Jesus goes to a solitary place to pray’ and reflected on these questions…

1. Why do you think Jesus went to pray on his own?

2. What other ways did Jesus pray?

3. What are some of the ways you might pray and strengthen your relationship with your God?

Children presented their reflections using their 100 Languages.

Aditi-2kh6moo Aditi-2b5t2wy Clarks prayer reflection-2jmb574 Kimberley Prayer reflections-2k4jmz5 Maddies prayer reflection-1tjfy5d Mia Prayer reflection-1bq8bjt prayer refltion-1qkxpdu
Thiens prayer reflection-24yeesu Vien prayer reflection-1dcsrtd

Prayer hosted by Mary and Riley

Mary: Dear God, sorry for being naughty when I don’t listen to my Mum and Dad. Please forgive me.

Riley: Dear God, sorry for not cleaning my room and being naughty so please forgive me.

Nathan: Dear God, sorry for being naughty when I never listen to my Mum.

Emily: Dear God, sorry for being naughty whenever I do something that my mum and Dad don’t want me to do.


Well done to the students who keep bringing their library books to school everyday especially on Tuesday because this is our re-borrowing day. I hope that ‘reading at home’ is continuing to be a daily activity for the children.  Today in Library, we read a story titled ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’ written by Andrea Beaty. Thank you to Taihya for volunteering to read this book to the class.

Today is World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day so we played a game with the whiteboards. Children were asked ‘Can this go into the GREEN bin’ and had to answer yes or no using their white boards. It was such a fun way to learn about all the things we can put into the GREEN bins at home and at school. Everything listed belong (except the packet of chips) can be put into your GREEN BINS!


Over the past few weeks we have been unpacking our learning in Indigenous Education because of our excursion to the South Australian Museum and the children curiosity. To build on what we have learnt so far, children learnt how to count from 1 to 10 in the Kaurna language. The children had a lot of fun and we had some students also teach us how to count in their language as well. Mrs. G also had a turn in teaching how to count in Arabic.






Monday 4th June (Term 2, Week 6)

Guided Reading

This weeks activities: Literacy workshop on speech marks, guided reading with the teacher, community service (reading to the year 2’s) and Writer’s Workshop.

Prayer hosted by Riley and Mary

Mary: Dear God, Thank you for school because you can get an education and you grow up and be smart.

Riley: Dear God, Thank you for school because you learn with them and without them you’d have no job, no house and no nothing,

Evie: Dear God, Thank you for school because you get a good education and it helps you get a job in the future.

Nathan: Dear God, Thank you for school because sometimes you can have beautiful teachers like the one I have now and you get older and remember all the stuff you learnt,

Numeracy: Sharing our methods for solving worded problems using money

Today the children worked in small groups to share their problem solving strategies with one another. These were based on money challenges.

HASS- Navigator/Explorer Research projects 

The children started their research based on their chosen explorer/navigator or trader. The children will be using their 100 Languages to present their research. After last weeks mini lesson exploring bibliographies, the children have began to record all the links they have used in gathering their information. We also looked closely at the criteria sheet as this will help the children check off al elements of their project.

Explorer or Navigator Assessment-1v49q5c