Tuesday 20th Feb (Week 4, Term 1)

Our morning started with Literacy as the children engaged in Come Read With Me and our second day of Guided Reading for the week.


The students worked in small groups today to organise and plan a small fitness based game for their Year 2 buddy. Today they practised the game and got themselves organised ready to play the game with their buddies on this coming Friday.


Anshika: Dear God thank you for friends because they care about us and help us if we are stuck.

Mary: Dear God thank you for friends because it gives us someone to love

Riley: Dear God thank you for friends like Lincoln because he can support you.

Fatehvir: Dear God thank you for friends because we can play with them and they help us.

Religion: Students continued to work in their pairs in creating an information iMovie for Lent.

Here are some of the finished work.


In Library, we read a book written by Margaret Wild about a feather found by a brother and sister. We had a discussion about what we thought the book was about and the emotions  it stirred.

“This is a story about hope, kindness and redemption set in a grey dystopian world. When a great feather drifts from the leaden sky, two children recognise its extraordinariness and take it to the village for its protection. The villagers, however, want to encase it, upon which the feather loses its radiance. The children take it home and care for it through the night. In the morning it is again radiant, and when they set it free it leaves behind the first signs of blue sky and colour. The ambiguous ending invites multiple interpretations about the effects of selflessness and kindness”.


Early finishers worked on their Writer’s notebook and media Art animation.


Monday 19th Feb (Week 4, Term 1)

After Come Read With Me, we got the day started with Guided Reading. This Week Guided Reading Media response focuses on Chinese New Year. By the end of the week, check your child’s blog to see their written response.

Prayer hosted by Anshika and Fatehvir

Anshika: Dear God , thank you for families because they care about us and they help us.

Fatehvir: Dear God , thank you for families because they help us to speak and write and read.

Riley: Dear God , thank you for families because they stand up and support you.

Fayzan: Dear God , thank you for families because they can protect us and without families, we wouldn’t be here.

Numeracy: Revision for the number operations (subtraction and addition) plus Writer’s notebook plus Media Arts (animation)


Children started to unpack last weeks learning about Lent and put it into an iMovie with a buddy of their choice. Children were given the questions and shown the assessment rubric to help them in making their projects.

Click here for the rubric: Lent Assessment Rubric-10tu18q

Friday 16th Feb (Week 3, Term 1)


Health- Character Strengths/Writer’s Notebook/ Numeracy odd and even

Media Arts-

Today children started to explore how to draw animation using a program called ‘Paint’. This will later help us in making animations. This was introduced and lead by Emily, Nhi and Mary. Thank you girls for showing your leadership and expert animation drawings. 


Thursday 15th feb (Week 3, Term 1)

4RG Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Thank you our parents and caregivers who joined us this morning in our first Liturgy for the year. The children did a wonderful job at speaking.

Fitness- Building our skipping stamina

Guided Reading

Writer’s Notebook

Religion: Exploring Lent

We continued to unpack the three elements of Lent: Sharing/Fasting and Praying. Children explored these in connection to their own beliefs and created a Y chart to show their ideas.

Wednesday 14th Feb (week 3, Term 1)

Guided Reading

This week children are reflecting on their learning in Literacy. Please visit your Childs blog to see their reflections by the end of this week.

Ash Wednesday Mass

The whole school celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass today. It was great to see Mass and sing the songs as it gave us a good chance to also practise the responses and songs for our own Ash Wednesday Liturgy.


In Fitness this term, we will be playing some Traditional Indigenous Games and learn some language to help us identify Indigenous words. Here is todays game focus: Jillora!



A popular program we use in class ‘Silk’ http://weavesilk.com. The students absolutely love it and its a great tool to help calm children. We always use this program with some meditation music in the background to help us slow our breathing and build mindful agency.


Today we moved on from our addition and introduced subtraction.

Health: Continuation of our Top 5 Character Strengths

Tuesday 13th Feb (Week 3, Term 1)

Come Read With Me

Guided Reading

Religion: Exploring Shrove Tuesday

Our Lenten Promises and pancake eating……

Prayer hosted by Nhi and Thinh

Nhi: Dear God, Thank you for animals because they are wonderful creatures.

Thinh: Dear God, Thank you for animals because they give us food and help us harvest milk.

Nathan: Dear God, Thank you for animals because they give you food and they are wonderful creatures.

Lincoln: Dear God, Thank you for animals because they are great pets.

Religion- Practising our Class Liturgy and speaking parts

Please note that each child has been given a speaking part for our class Liturgy on Thursday. Please encourage your child to practise their speaking part at home.

Sharing: Students were divided into small groups and shared their Cultural Dance iMovies. 

Health- Use your creativity to show your top 5 Character Strengths (to be continued)…


Monday 12th Feb (Week 3, Term 1)


Please join the whole school on Wednesday 14th at 11:30am in the hall for our Ash Wednesday Mass. Today the whole school had a practise of the songs and responses. In the next couple of days, we will be preparing for the beginning of LENT. Tomorrow, children from 4RG will be learning about ‘Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)’ and enjoying some yummy pancakes before recess. Any parent volunteers (with a valid Catholic Police Check) are welcome to come into class at 9:40am and join us  in our learning and pancake eating.

Literacy: Shared Reading ‘Dragons in the City’.

Dragons in the City-1y32ip4

After reading our shared story, students used their 100 languages to create a visual art art work for Chinese New Year.

4RG Class Liturgy

Dear Parents, Caregivers and friends,

You are invited to join us on Thursday at 9am for our class Liturgy hosted by the students of 4RG in room 25.

Our theme will be Ash Wednesday. We hope to see you then.