Wednesday 23rd May (Week 4, Term 2)

Come Read With Me hosted by Nhi

Guided Reading

It has been so much fun watching the children flourish and independently make lemonade. We have been selling lemonade all week and making them as part of our Guided Reading workshops.

HASS- The First Fleet

The children continued working on their voyage mapping 100 language presentation. Here are some of the final projects along with pictures of their responses to the questions we posed. It was so wonderful to hear and see how much the children have learnt about the voyage and the impacts on the Indigenous People. This is leading the way to our Excursion coming up on Friday.

Prayer hosted by Leon and Thien

Leon: Dear God, I help my Mum and Dad when I help them, I do homework.

Thien: Dear God, I help my Mum and Dad when I help my Dad wash the car and when I help my Mum do the dishes.

Shylah: Dear God, I help my Mum and Dad when I play with my dogs and my pets.

Fayzan: Dear God, I help my Mum and Dad when I clean up my room and do what they say.

Visual Art: Painting in Pieces

Today the children chose a part of our ‘focus photograph’ by selecting the part they will draw and paint. Once the children are finished, we will put all the individual artworks together to create the final ‘Photograph’.





Tuesday 22nd May (Term 2, Week 4)

Come Read With Me hosted by Mia

Vistit/Talk from Catherine House

Catherine’s House is one of the charities that Holy Family supports. Some of our Mission Day money will go to Catherine House. Today a speaker came and shared the ways they help women in need.

Guided Reading

Religion: Exploring the sacrament of penance/reconciliation

After exploring the sacrament of penance/reconciliation, the children used their 100 languages to create a presentation of a time when they needed to correct a wrong. There was a wonderful discussion amongst the children about ‘mistakes’ and the children shared their belief that ‘it is okay to make mistakes’. To follow on from this, we closely looked at the character strength of ‘forgiveness’ and the word reconciliation as it means to the Australian Aboriginals.

Prayer hosted by Leon and Thien

Leon: Dear god thank you for pets because you can ask them to fetch.

Thien: Dear god thank you for pets because when you are lonely you can have something to play with.

Mia: Dear god thank you for pets because if you are bored you have someone to play with and they are fun.

Fayzan: Dear god thank you for pets because you can play with them and teach them how to do tricks.


“A touching tale from Australia’s convict past, written and illustrated by award-winning author Mark Wilson

John is a child convict, transported to New South Wales for stealing a shirt. Life is grim in the fledgling colony and when food runs short, John once again has to steal to survive. Starving and alone, he is taken in by Australia’s first schoolteacher, Isabella Rosson. In her simple classroom, John learns to read and write and soon becomes her star pupil – until he is discovered by the soldiers and again sent away in chains. Yet John never forgets Isabella’s lessons, the power of words – and the hope for a brighter future.”

This was the perfect book to read during our library lesson as it touches upon our HASS topic at the moment. We will continue our learning for The First Fleet this afternoon.

Numeracy- Budgeting

Today was the last lesson for the children to work on their budgeting projects.  All children are well on their way to completing it and have flourished in this open ended project.

Nhi Budget Project-2a6nhy3 Emily Budget Project-1s396gk Thien Budget Project-1cw5etr Fateh money bugdet-1q4tb3c Manan and Vien Party Budget-2hytvls Mary Budget Project-24a85f3


Today children mapped the voyage using a map of the world. We gather all our information together and worked in a group. 

Children used different types of resources to help them map the voyage. Here are some examples….

Option 1-

Option 2- The First Fleet Voyage Information Sheet-s26bhh

Option 3-





Using their 100 languages, this was the children’s response to the activity…..

Monday 21st May (Term 2, Week 4)

Guided Reading

This weeks rotations: Guided Reading with the Teacher

Writer’s Notebook

Community Service in our Year 2 Buddies Class

Making Lemonade

After the children made Lemonade last week, Kimberley has a great idea to make more Lemonade and sell it at Lunch times to the whole school so she can raise money for Mission Day. After receiving Mr. White’s permission, we put the action plan into place. This has also worked perfectly with our Numeracy explorations of budgeting. Kimberley and her peers have started a budget for their lemonade stall. Each Guided Reading group will make the lemonade every day so everyone is participating and Kimberley has made a lunch time roster for the students to take it in turns to sell the lemonade.

Prayer hosted by Leon and Thien

Leon: Dear God, thank you for farmers because they grow food for us and they do hard work.

Thien:Dear God, thank you for farmers because they can grow stuff and even more stuff.

Mia:Dear God, thank you for farmers because they do hard work and grow stuff for us.

Fayzan:Dear God, thank you for farmers because they can grown crops, fruit and vegetables.

Numeracy: Continuing our budgeting projects – Due on Monday 28th May

Literacy- Procedures

Children will be supported to create a procedure that uses things already found in the classroom or at home. The idea is for your child not to need the ‘shops’ for any of their materials.

To assist some children, a scaffold for a procedure text was given. All children worked on writing out their procedures today ready for our ‘Making’ day.

Here are some of the ‘work in progress’ procedures…..

Friday 17th May (Term 2, Week 3)

CASUAL DAY for Fred’s Van

A massive thank you to our families who donated cans of food today to Fred’s Van. This is the beginning of our work as a community to live by the Mission of Jesus.

Integrated Studies for Health/Literacy/History/Art

With our focus on The First Fleet this term and the media hype of the Royal Wedding, we have had many conversations about the Queen of England and her reign. The children seem very excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding so we explored the children’s curiosity. We learnt about The Royal Wedding and explored the Royal Family Tree. Children were then invited to create their own family tree using their 100 languages. To celebrate and play along, we even had an afternoon tea together. Fresh made scones, jam and cream with iced tea.

To get us in the mood, we started by making our very own crowns!

Now that we are feeling all Royal ourselves, we learnt about the Family Tree for the Royal Family and used our 1oo languages to make our own family trees.

Making Royal Chatterboxes

Our Royal Afternoon Tea


Thursday 17th May (Term 2, Week 3)

Guided Reading

Well done to today’s Guided Reading group who did their community service in a reception class. We are Leaders in the making.

Science (Chemical Science) and Literacy (Procedure Writing)

After last weeks lesson where we explored writing procedures, today the children put their ‘Masking Lemonade’ procedures to the test and made Lemonade.

After we enjoyed drinking our tasty lemonade, we started to think like scientists.

What happened when the lemon and water mixed together?

What happened to the sugar when it mixed with the water and the lemon?

Prayer hosted by Mia and Fayzan

Billy:Dear God , thank you for paper because we can write stories.

Fayzan: Dear God , thank you for paper because we can make books.

Vien:Dear God , thank you for paper because you can make books and you can make fact books so other people can learn about facts.

Daniel:Dear God , thank you for paper because you can write on it and make stuff with it and you can learn how to wrote new things.

Numeracy: Budgeting projects continued 

Visual Art: Thomas Gainsborough

After learning about Thomas Gainsborough ( a British Artist), we observed and studied one of his famous paintings called, ‘Mr and Mrs Andrew’. Children shared their responses to the following questions;







We decided to have a go at creating our own landscape painting but with a class effort. We took a photo of a certain part of the school and broke the photo into 28 pieces. Each child will draw and paint one part of the picture in hopes we can join them to reveal the final and complete landscape.

TOMORROW IS A CASUAL DAY if children can donate a can of food to Fred’s Van. Vinnies will be visiting the school and speaking at our assembly tomorrow morning and then collect our cans.

Wednesday 16th May (Term 2, Week 3)

Come Read With Me hosted by Thien

Guided Reading


Today the children started to plan their presentation for a written or video response to a provocation asking them to reflect the opinions of a convict from the First Fleet. Children were asked to consider; how did the convicts feel? What thoughts might they had? What conditions did they experience on the First Fleet?!/media/1957482/first-fleet

Aditi -wwfsqn

Diary Entry By Emily-2bmc6do

Diary Entry by Nhi-2lqt771

Prayer hosted by Mia and Fayzan

Mia: Dear God thank you for animals because you can have them as pets and they are really cute.

Fayzan: Dear God thank you for animals because without them we would be the only animal on Earth and it would be boring.

Daniel: Dear God thank you for animals because we can see them in the zoo and have lots of fun.

Billy: Dear God thank you for animals because when you have them as pets, they keep you company.

Numeracy- Money dice continued/ Budgeting Project

Tuesday 15th May (Term 2, Week 3)

Come Read With Me hosted by Manan

Religion: Exploring Communion

After watching a provocation, children explored their understandings of ‘communion’ in the Catholic Church and then used their 100 languages to create the Eucharist.

Guided Reading

Whilst four groups engaged in Guided Reading within the classroom, one group worked with their Year 2 buddies to  help them investigate 3D shapes. This is part of our ‘community service’ program we have started in 4RG this term. Spreading kindness and using our character strength for leadership is our intentions. We love our buddies.

Prayer hosted by Mia and Fayzan

Mia: Dear God, thank you for friends because if you are sad they can help you and they play wiht you.

Fayzan: Dear God, thank you for friends because when you are bored they can play with you and if you’re stuck on something they can help you.

Daniel: Dear God, thank you for friends because when you’re hut they are there for you and when you’re stuck on work they can help you.

Vien: Dear God, thank you for friends because you can play with them and when you play sports, you can make new friends.

Numeracy: Budgeting continued….


Today we read a great book called ‘Afreds War’ written by Rachel Bin Sallah.

“Alfred’s War is a powerful story that unmasks the lack of recognition given to Australian Indigenous servicemen who returned from the WWI battlelines. Alfred was just a young man when he was injured and shipped home from France”.

This book led us to a deep discussion about wars and the effects of a soldiers journey and life after. Many children shared stories from their own families and we spoke about the rights of Aboriginal People.


Making ‘Money dice’ and exploring ways to use addition when trying to buy multiplies of our shopping items. All the children have been busy working on their Numeracy budgets and to help them calculate their total cost and change; we had a mini Numeracy lesson to share our methods in how we work these out.


Monday 14th May (Term 2, Week 3)

Guided Reading 

Today’s Guided Reading activities were as follows;

-Guided Reading

-Buddy Reading with our year 2 buddies

-BTN Reflections

-Writer’s Notebook

Prayer hosted by Mia and Fayzan

Mia: Dear God, thank you for teachers because they help you learn and they are nice to you.

Fayzan:  Dear God, thank you for teachers because they can teach you and make you smart and without teacher  there will be no schools.

Vien: Dear God, thank you for teachers because you can learn and get a job.

Daniel: Dear God, thank you for teachers because  they can help you learn and if you are stuck on something they can help you.


The children continued to investigate budgeting. Each child has chosen an event in which they must budget for and explore the use of addition, subtraction, costings, tallies, collection of coins etc. Some students went shopping by filling up their cart with items and then adding their shopping totals.

Literacy- Reading our narratives to our peers

Reading aloud is an important skill. Todays intentions were for the children to develop their oral language when reading in front of an audience, share their stories and model read. This brings us to the end of our narratives. With the children request for chemical science experiments, we will begin our explorations for procedure writing.

Alex Bear by maddy-1uwilnp Billy Little Red Riding Hood-1b9914s Bunnet and Hook.Lincoln-1ch1a64 Crystal and The Cave by Mary-2ldx9fg Danielp the prison break-10951n4 fateh’s the hulk -2anlycy Goldilocks and the three bears by aditi-17cvxu4 GOLDY LOCKS by mia -qvtn0q Jack and the beanstalk Vien-v60q69 Manan Goldilocks and the three bears-1vu2hep Messi vs Ronaldo udesh-1vy2jor Pinocchio By Terry-2jm8wnp Robin’s hook by Thien-2esw93p The 5 Bears Shylah-xc68hn The bad robbers by thinh-15hk2yw The Diamond Flower By Emily-21gyx3i The Dragon’s Hook By Clark-rtyv47 The King and Queen LEON-20qd1ld The Kings chair 2 Taihya E-v98y79 The Life of a Fish Nhi T-1vtoxid The Lion and Mouse by Anshika-2j4yvpa The queens chair By Evie -2gdjhv5 Title bY Finn-21jsm2f

Procedure Writing

What do we know about procedures?

Scaffolding our learning:

Writing a procedure about making lemonade

Friday 11th May (Term 2, Week 2)

After Assembly, we took our science experiments from last week and had a look at how we have changed their properties. Last week, the students started with orange juice and identified that it was a liquid. All the children decided that by putting it in the freezer, it would change its property to become a solid. Today we proved that theory.

We also tested Lincoln’s theory of squishing a marshmallow and seeing if that would change it into a liquid!

This led us to think about what ‘property’ meant and how ALL foods could be changed in some way or another. Then the children asked “can we change it back” so we are testing this theory out with our predictions on how long it may take. Each group made a different prediction on how long it would take for the juice to melt. We will be checking it as the day goes on and eliminating our options as we go!

After that, our attention turned to natural versus processed materials. Students recorded the materials they believe are natural and compared them to the materials that they believed to be processed.

Mother’s Day Shared reading ‘Some Mothers’ by Nick Bland along with some Design and Technology to create our personalised Mother’s Day cards.