Thursday 29th November (Term 4, Week 7)

Writer’s Notebook

End of Year Mass

Science: Natural disaster inquiry

Religion Presentation

Evie, Mia, Shylah and Taihya used their 100 languages to present a live role play for the Christmas story. The girls worked together to organise their costumes and Evie worked along side the girls to write the scripts. She wrote each character’s script by hand and used a coloured highlighter to create the four scripts. The script was a mix of traditional and modern story lines. Unfortunately the video is too big of a file to upload but still worth the mention.

Many other students have been continuing to work on their 100 language presentation.

Wednesday 28th November (Term 4, Week 7)

Writer’s Notebook

Aditi Term 4 Writers Workshop-1qpi9an kaidan term 4 Ritesnotebook-1sv34y6 kim work best frineds done-26xvj3m Ladybug and Cat noir Kim -19vm898 Maddie the loving family Term 4-2cxlcp8

Numeracy: Location and transformation

FATEH MAPPING AND LOCATION 2-1f7w3wm Location and Mapping Project By Emily.-1w2xri7 Location and Mapping TaihyaProject-2hyfh49 mapping Nathan-1fcmive

Location and Mapping Lincoln Project-12syjfg Location and Mapping Project Udesh-2cyjmj4

Students playing battleship to explore grid references.

Science: Natural Disaster 100 Language Project

Sustainable Homes

Aditi Sustainable House-pwm97f

Religion: 100 language Nativity

Tuesday 27th November (Term 4, Week 7)

Sports Presentation

Congratulations to our very own Billy K for winning one of the sports awards from todays presentation. A massive congratulations to all the children who competed in one of the years sporting carnivals!

Numeracy: Location and Mapping Project 

FATEH MAPPING AND LOCATION 2-1f7ucsh Location and Mapping Project By Emily.-1w2w0e0 Billy Location and Mapping Project-1nnu58y Daniel Location and Mapping Project-26dxhu2 Fayzan Location and Mapping Project-13aqm07 Location and Mapping Project kaidan-vf9plc Location mia-27c4jez Mary Location and Mapping Project-1ptuozr thinh Location and Mapping Project-1svl5yw

Anshika Location and Mapping Project-183fydk Aditi Location and Mapping Project-s8s7eb FINNNs Location and Mapping Project-1fule9x Location and Mapping Project Clark-1yo8nhf Location and Mapping Project Maddie-1dsw07s Nhi Location and Mapping Project-1o3j1kx 


Vien clipped-1neh952


Religion: 100 Language Nativity Provocation

Nathan christmas story-24aouqq

Monday 26th November (Term 4, Week 7)

Writer’s Notebook

Aditi Term 4 Writers Workshop-1qpeie4

kaidan term 4 Ritesnotebook-1suze1o

Maddie the loving family Term 4-2cxhlsn

Ladybug and Cat noir Kim -19vihgg kim work best frineds done-26xrsay

Numeracy: Location and Mapping

Provocation One: Create a map with a grid, scale, key and questions for grid referencing.

Provocation Two: Use Spheros to engage with directional language and play.

Manan Location and Mapping Project-2ffc0gk

Location and Mapping Project Vien-1pwl87q

Shylah location and mapping-1t95ib0

Thien Location and Mapping Project-1zyf9et

Anshika Location and Mapping Project-183efzm

Aditi Location and Mapping Project-s8qp0j

FINNNs Location and Mapping Project-1fujvwb

Location and Mapping Project Clark-1yo753w

Location and Mapping Project Maddie-1dsuhub

Nhi Location and Mapping Project-1o3hj7g


Children used revision to explore all text types that we have explored this year with Christmas writing provocations. Children used free choice to focus on any text type they felt they needed more engaging in and then presented using their 100 languages. 

Christmas abcs Evie-23ohs91 Santa got retired by Fateh-1c2obc9

Friday 23rd November (Term 4, Week 6)




Thursday 22nd November (Term 4, Week 6)


Today we started our new topic of ‘Location and Mapping’. Children engaged in play based learning to explore some concepts. Here is the link for the game they played.

After discussing our prior knowledge, we looked closer at using grid references to help with mapping and locating. Using a new game, children explored how to….

Using a Christmas map, children used the reference grid to have a go at reading and locating objects.

Sustainable House/Designs

Wednesday 21st November (Term 4, Week 6)


Guided Reading and Writer’s Notebook

Numeracy: Data collection and graphing continued…

Science: Exploring Erosion using an experiment 


Religion: 100 language Christmas story continued…

Tuesday 20th November (Term 4, Week 6)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook


Aditi Data-1ua5sfo Anshika Data-1oldrc2 Clark data-15t0e2r data Leon-19y4idx Emily Data-172s3pl Fateh data-px37iz Finn Data-2jbpoxw kaidans data-1a2znie Lincoln data new-19pj5i8 Manan Data-2j7ypok Nathan data-1v2e7fn Nhi Data-2ga46hm Taihya Data-1efgntb Thien data-1xikn4r Vienp data-25zoxir


The children loved reading todays library book ‘Macca’s Christmas Cracker’. Macca was excited about Christmas and wrote his Christmas shopping list. But he realised that he had no money so keeping to the Christmas spirit he made Christmas gifts for all his pals. Macca made them Christmas Crackers!!

Religion: Children continued to explore their 100 languages when exploring the Christmas story. Using Luke’s story from the bible (Luke 2:1-20) to help guide them as a provocation. 

Monday 19th November (Term 4, Week 6)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook

Numeracy: Exploring data and graphs

Anshika Data-1olby0x Fateh data-px1e7p Manan Data-2j7wwd8 Taihya Data-1efeuhx Vienp data-25zn47b

Literacy: Information Reports

Anshika Dolphins-21d3b7w Billy Space Information Report-tyuue9 Bull sharks udesh-1v809ro Daniel-1wb2c8x Dingos Finn-25mb7oy Emily Jellyfish-1b7xu9s Fatehvir Singh – Tigers information report -2isvfvx Information report Clark-29cxi9x kaidan wolves-1ozneb7 lizards by lincoln-1if4bp8 Maddie Lion Infomation Report-109dbej Manan Blue Whale -10tmz0l Solar system Vien-poau9z Thien sperm whales-2hwf0h3

Thursday 15th November (Term 4, Week 5)

Numeracy (continued from yesterday)…..

Prayer hosted by Anshika and Fatehvir

Anshika: Dear god, thank you for water because we can drink water and it makes us healthy.

Fatehvir: Dear god, thank you for water because if we drink water it keeps us healthy and we have the maximum level that we need.

Literacy: Working on our information reports

Kim Horses-11v2gjs thinh rock formation 2-10hgw8r Bull sharks udesh-1v7sm8c Daniel-1wauopo Dingos Finn-25m3k5p Emily Jellyfish-1b7q6qi fish Nathan-14u37cp Information report Clark-1yi0sjb leon Snakes [Autosaved]-1pgmrj1 Lizards by Lincoln-1leq19s Mary Volcanoes-z7ytjr Noses by Terry-1zp7u77 Solar system Vien-po36qe Taihya blue tongue lizards-2l0ax8c Wolves fayzan-1zq006x

Fitness: A friendly game of dodgeball