Monday 24th September (Term 3, Week 10)

Guided Reading & Writer’s Notebook


Children divided their time during todays Literacy block to practise their fairytale scripts, creating props and painting backdrops. It has Beene exciting seeing how engaged and excited the children are about Drama and using their growth mindset.

Health: Keeping Safe

Today we explored pressure, brides and tricks. After a class discussion and ,looking at specific examples of each, children worked in small groups or pairs to role play an example of a bride, a trick and pressure.


Friday 21st September (Term 3, Week 9)

Visual Art

In preparation for a whole school art project, the children were asked to draw one picture that represents them in the theme of hope, happiness or history. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this whole school art project!

Independent Learning Workshops

The children were given time to work on any learning that they need to complete before the end of the term, one being there Term 3 Writer’s Notebook. Some worked on their personal inquiries, animations, artwork, numeracy investigations and fairytales.


The children did a wonderful job of hosting todays assembly. I am so proud of the way they have used a growth mindset to learn a song in Vietnamese and to display the confidence to sing it in front of our school community. Well done! I hope you enjoy some of the snaps from today!

Shared Lunch

Thank you to the children and parents who brought in some shared lunch. It was a lovely way to celebrate each others cultures and celebrate our assembly.


Health- Keeping Safe

After exploring negative and positive relationships, children reflected on some questions posed by the teacher. Children chose to do this in partners, groups or individually.

Thursday 20th September (Term 3, Week 9)

Guided Reading

Prayer hosted by Terry and Daniel

Terry: Dear God, thank you for sport because it gives us energy and sports make us fit.

Clark: Dear God, thank you for sport because so we can be fit and healhtly.

Health: Keeping Safe

Today we explored power in relationships and the difference between positive power versus negative power. Children created examples of positive and negative powers.

Please join our school tomorrow at 10:45am for our Moon Lantern Assembly that we are helping to host. Tomorrow children are also able to wear cultural clothing or red clothing as well as bringing in shared lunch.

Art: Creating our backdrops for our dram plays.

Personal Inquires….

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Tuesday 18th September (Term 3, Week 9)

Guided Reading/ Writer’s Notebook


Today in Numeracy the children investigated how many ways they can make 1L and how to make their own measuring cup.


Thank you Finn for reading our shared book for the week.


Prayer hosted by Terry and Daniel

Terry: Dear God, thank you for bins we can put our rubbish away.

Daniel: Dear God, thank you for bins because we can put our rubbish in them.


We ended the afternoon with some children choosing to work on their writers notebook whilst other rehearsed their speaking parts for their fairytale play.

Monday 17th September (Term 3, Week 9)

Guided Reading/ Writer’s Notebook

This Friday is the due date for all the children Term 3 Writer’s notebook. They have been working hard to edit and complete their final stories. I am looking forward to reading the stories.


Today the children engaged in a Numeracy investigation to explore capacity/volume.

Spring Fair Final Posters that have entered the school competition

Assembly practise and Drama role plays

Friday 14th September

Numeracy: Measuring with one metre rulers and measuring tape

Moon lantern Making

Spring Fair Poster Design

Personal Inquires and Writer’s Notebook

Tuesday 11th September (Term 3, Weeks 8)

Moon Lantern  Note

Moon Lantern Festival Note-1no9hfb

Guided Reading & Writer’s Workshop


Today children investigated how to measure objects in centimetres and millimetres using a ruler.

Prayer hosted by Nhi and Maddie

Nhi: Dear God, thank you for Life because I will be here and I have lots of good friends and my family as well.

Maddie: Dear God, thank you for our life because we can look after the amazing world you gave us.

Religion: MITIOG

Today we read the story ‘When you were born’ written by Dianna Hutts Aston and the children used their 100 languages to depict how their family/culture celebrates new life and/or welcoming a new baby.



Thank you to Maddie for modelling the reading this week during our library time. Today’s shared book was called Wisp, written by zANA Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith.


We joined together with 2IB & 2TD for some more singing practise and worked on some special assembly items. We also continued making our Moon lanterns ready for judging this Monday.

Monday 10th September (Term 3, Week 8)

Guided Reading and Writer’s Notebook and Inquiries 

Religion- Made In the Image of God

Today we read the story ‘Before you were born’ by Jennifer Davis.

Song practise with Mrs. Hong

Moon Lantern Making