Wednesday 9th May (Term 2, Week 2)

Mother’s Day Prayer and Celebration

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who joined us today in celebrating Mother’s Day Prayer and Celebrations. We are so lucky to have all these amazing women in our lives who love us and today was a true celebrating of the children gratitude. We had such an overwhelming turnout (more parents and caregivers than we’ve ever had). Here are some happy snaps for you to enjoy.

Prayer Service


Photo Booth Fun

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading today we focused our reading focus on fluency. Ensuring we are taking appropriate breaths at full stops and capital letters. The children are becoming more confident in doing this.


Yesterday, after children shared their understanding of Australian money, many of them wondered if other countries used the same money. This had us investigate what kinds of money is used around the word.

Does the whole world use Australian Dollars?

Stay tuned for the continuation of this investigation!

HASS- The First Fleet

After the children researched and created a character profile for Captain Arthur Phillip, they posed many questions about why the first fleet made their journey to Australia.




Tuesday 8th May (Term 2, Week 2)

Come Read With Me

Thank you to Thinh for reading us his writer’s notebook story ‘Soccer Players versus Aliens’.

Guided Reading

This weeks BTN story focus’ on composting. This was an important reflection as we compost everyday in our class. I was impressed wiht how much knowledge the chidlren

Literacy- Writer’s Notebook

This term the children are creating their stories using ICT. We have been looking at possible ways to present a story and how to format it when we have so many options.


Prayer hosted by Daniel and Vien

Daniel: Dear God thank you for Mums because they can help us with our homework and teach us new things

Vien: Dear God thank you for Mums because they cook for us and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be in this world.

Kimberley: Dear God, thank you for Mums because they can take care of you and take you to the park and cinemas and show.

Finn: Thank you Mum, because you are always there for me when I am upset and you’re always there for me.

Numeracy- Exploring Money

The children started to document the Australian money that they can recognise. This was an important prior knowledge activity to start with so we can begin our Numeracy Investigations for solving problems involving purchases and calculations of change to the nearest five cents with and without digital technologies. Stay tuned…..

Mother’s Day Preparation and morning Prayer practise

Dear Special Women in our lives,

Please join us tomorrow Wednesday 9th May at 9am in our classroom for our Class Morning Prayer celebrating the women we love. All children will share their ‘Mother’s Day’ prayers and after, we will be having a celebration with our very special visiting women. We will have activities that you and your child can engage in for a bit of fun. We hope to have all our Mums, Grandmothers, Aunties, Big Sisters etc join us for this fun and special morning.

Note: Please note that the students who will not have their loved ones join them on the day will still engage in all the activities such as cooking and making gifts etc. The children have discussed this together and came up with this inclusive idea themselves. It would be greatly appreciated if you can let me know if you can or cannot attend so I can then let your child know. This way they aren’t waiting for you on the day and they can engage in the other activities and prepare their gifts for you regardless. Thank you in advance.

Monday 7th May (Term 2, Week 2)

Guided Reading

The children are loving this book and having a good laugh reading it.






“It’s a new school year, and Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into middle school, where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving. The hazards of growing up before you’re ready are uniquely revealed through words and drawings as Greg records them in his diary.”


Prayer hosted by Vien and Daniel

Vien: Dear God, thank you for sea animals because they can sometimes be pets and we can see them in nature.

Finn: Dear God, thank you for sea animals because they brighten up the ocean and they are living a life in the ocean.

Kimberley: Dear God, thank you for sea animals because they can protect us and we can teach them stuff.

Mother’s Day Investigations

Our lesson today is TOP SECRET so we won’t be giving anything away about what we have planned for you this Wednesday. We hope we can have all the special women in our lives join us for our Mother’s Day Prayer and Celebration. Hopefully all our special women received their invitations over the weekend.







After meditation, we had Religion and continued our explorations of sacraments. Todays focus was on confirmation. After sharing our ideas about confirmation the children spoke about how our hands do good things. We then explored ways that we make a difference and use our ‘helping hands’ to make people happy. This discussion also turned into a ‘Mothers day’ discussion about how our mothers, aunties, sisters etc always help us and how we help them.


Mission Day Information

Mission Week falls in week 5: Monday 28 May – 2 June.

Here are some key dates for Mission Week:

Friday 18 May (week 3) – Children can wear casual clothes and bring a can to donate to Fred’s Van.
There will be a guest speaker from Fred’s Van at assembly on this day.

Friday 1 June – Mission Day
Children will be able to pre-purchase soup and a bread roll to eat for lunch. Order forms have been sent home this week. Please return orders and money ASAP.

Children will be able to bring money to school on Mission Day to purchase goods and services from classes around the school. Money raised will be donate to Fred’s Van, Catherine House and the Loreto Vietnam Project.

Mission Day Timetable

9.00 – 10.40 Token selling in class
10.40 – 11.00 Recess
11.00  Whole School Mass
12.00 – 12.10 Eat lunch
12.10 – 12.50 Lunch
12.50 – 1.00 Set up time
1.00  Mission Day Activities
2.10 Clean Up
2.30 Assembly

Friday 4th May (Term 2, Week 1)

Come Read With Me and morning talks

Thank you to Taihya for bringing in Astro (her dog) to show the class. The students have loved  getting to know the pets that have visited us this week. Furthermore, thank you to Lincoln for reading his Writer’s Notebook story from last term during Come Read With Me.


After many questions from the children last term, we decided that we needed to engage our curiosity about chemical science. It’s no secret that children love to make things, cook, experiment and watch things blow up so this term, we will be engaging in a chemical science experiment every Friday after assembly as well as connecting our investigations to procedure and report writing. Today the children focused their learning on changing the properties/ matter of everyday objects and made predictions as well as recorded their reflections.

Prayer hosted by Kimberley and Finn

Finn: Dear God, thank you for school because we can get educated and when we are older we can get a good career and good job.

Kim: Dear God, thank you for school because so you can learn and we smart and if you haven’t gone to school you wouldn’t get a job.

Billy:  Dear God, thank you for school because  it helps us learn and you can a lot of friends.

Maddy: Dear God, thank you for school because without school we wouldn’t be educated and wouldn’t be able to get into university.

Religion: Planning our Morning Prayer

Please join us next Wednesday 9th May at 9am in our classroom for our Class Morning Prayer celebrating the women we love. All children will share their ‘Mother’s Day’ prayers and after, we will be having a celebration with our very special visiting women. The children have planned activities for our VIP’s.

We hope to have all our Mums, Grandmothers, Aunties, Big Sisters etc join us for this fun and special morning.

Your child has created a special and personal ‘100 language’ invitation and hopefully, you will receive them today or tomorrow. 




Thursday 3rd May (Term 2, Week 1)

Thank you to Maddy for bringing in Teddy (her dog) and sharing him with us. The children are enjoying seeing their friends pets and its been a nice way to see the children speak in front of the class.

Come Read With Me

The children have started to show an interest in modelled reading to their peers so we changed things up today and had a volunteer read to the class their Term 1 Writer’s Notebook story. Well done to Fatehvir who shared his story today.

Guided Reading

Art- Artist from around the world

The children were so excited to recreate their chosen artist artwork that they asked to start them today. Here are some starting projects….Can you identify the artist or type of art work?

Prayer hosted by Kimberley and Finn

Finn: Dear God thank you for animals so the world isn’t lonely and they can stay alive because some animals rely on other animals to stay alive.

Kimberley: Dear God thank you for animals because animals are nice to have in the jungle and the wild and sometimes you can have them as your pet and you can teach them to sit, hand shake and not bite other animals.

Maddy: Dear God thank you for animals because without animals we would be lonely and we wouldn’t have much fun in our lives without them.

After Physical Education, the children had a lesson to work on their artwork or History profiles or their Writer’s Notebooks for this term. The children have been encouraged to pick a different text from their Term 1 book and explore new learnings along with considering the feedback given to them. It is so wonderful to see so much growth in the children’s writing in only a terms worth of work. Keep up the great work everyone.

Wednesday 2nd May (Week 1, Term 2)

Thank you to Evie’s for her morning talk with Hermione (her cat). Evie answered all our questions about cats and the children enjoyed hearing all the interesting stories about Hermione.

Guided Reading

Todays Guided reading focus was based on reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the ability to read, understand, process, and recall what was just read. 

HASS- History

Today I gave the children a prior knowledge activity asking them to record……..

Here are some of the children’s ideas….

Prayer hosted by Kimberley and Finn

Kimberley: Dear God, Thank you for knowledge because reading books can make you smart and they make you know how to write the books and however wrote the books, thank you.

Finn: Dear God, Thank you for knowledge because so we can keep our brains healthy when we are older and when we are at the shops we know the total shops.

Billy: Dear God, Thank you for knowledge because it helps us to learn new things and we can share our ideas with people.

Maddy: Dear God, Thank you for knowledge because without knowledge it wouldn’t make us, us.


After many weeks of learning about, investigating and sharing, we joined into small groups and shared our strategies for working through multiplications. We have learnt many strategies together and I hope the children can continue to engage in them as we move forward.

HASS- Exploring the First Fleet

After this mornings lesson and some discussion about what a fleet was, we looked at it closely as a class and I introduced Captain Arthur Phillip as most of the children only knew of Captain Cook. After we learnt some interesting facts about The First Fleet and Captain Arthur Phillip, the children used their 100 languages to create a profile for Captain Arthur Phillip.


Tuesday 1st May (Week 1, Term 2)

Come Read With Me

Guided Reading

The children returned from holidays chatting about the Commonwealth Games and so for BTN this week, they are writing reflections on their blogs about the event. Head to your childs blog by the end of the week to see their written reflection.

Literacy: Exploring Narratives and Editing

Last term we started to look closely at narratives and focusing on writing with the correct structure (title, orientation, beginning of events, resolution and ending). Today the children learnt about certain aspect of writing a narrative. These including paragraphs, narrators voice, connectives/conjunctions and the use of adjectives and adverbs. Working at each table, the children edited their writing to make sure they had included all these features. The students then started to type their new and edited stories using Microsoft word.

Prayer hosted by Finn and Kimberley 

Finn: Dear God thank you for food and water so we can stay hydrated and we can stay healthy and thank you for food so we don’t starve to death.

Kimberley: Dear God thank you for food and water so we can survive and some healthy food so we can stay fit and strong.

Maddy: Dear God thank you for food and water because without food we wouldn’t be here on this earth and thank you for water because it helps us get hydrated.

Nathan: Dear God thank you for food and water because it gives you great opportunities and you can survive.

Numeracy: Multiplications

We continued last terms work and continuing to build and use our strategies for working out multiplication.


Today in Library we had shared reading. This weeks book was called ‘Slowly Slowly’ written by T.M Clark and Helen Magisson.

Monday 30th April (Term 2, Week 1)

After welcoming each other and chatting about our fun filled holidays, we dived straight into our week 1 Guided Reading rotations. It was so lovely to hear that some children continued to engage in reading during their holidays.

I invite you to continue to visit your child’s blog on a weekly basis (maybe Friday is best) to follow their learning. Blogging is apart of our weekly guided reading and children engage in weekly reflections. Many children also use their blogs for their own directed learning.

Prayer hosted by Finn

Finn: Dear God, thank you for sport because we can keep our body healthy and stay energetic.

Kimberley: Dear God, thank you for sport because  sorts can make you fit and healthy and get energy in you.

Vien: Dear God, thank you for sport because you can play wiht your friends and you can kick goals.

Emily: Dear God, thank you for sport because we can be healthy.

Anzac Day 100 Languages

Taihya: Anzac Day is about remembering people who went to war in our country.

Nathan: On Anzac Day we go to Dawn service to remember the people who fought in the war.

Evie: We remember the people who fought for us

Riley: On Anzac Day if your parents work for the army, you have to go to Dawn service and there is a parade every year.

Maddy: On Anzac Day we remember the people who were brave enough to fight in war.

Finn: Why is poppies important for Anzac Day? What war was connected to the Anzac?

Lincoln: Why do we always have to go to Dawn service if your family works for the Army?

Evie: Why is Anzac Day on the same day?

Shylah: Why is there silence on Anzac Day?

Students used their 100 Languages to explore their learning for the ANZACS. Here are some photos from todays provocation. 

Emily N

Nhi T

Religion: Sacraments

After Nathan shared with us his Baptism video and answered our questions we had a discussion about how we are welcomed into the Catholic Church when we are Baptised. Then we started to think about when and how we have personally been welcomed into a group or community ourselves. Here are some of the children’s ideas.