Boy Overboard

We are nearing the end of our class novel with only 4 chapters to go. We will read these tomorrow.

Today’s chapters were quite sad so this may be something you would like to discuss with your children. The main characters Jamal and Bibi have just been told that their parents have died.

After our reading the children were asked to write how they think the story will end.

Some of the writing produced by children has been amazing!

I wonder how our story will end….

Celebrity Pixel Art


In art today, we had the task on creating a celebrity using  pixel art.  We firstly used a website to convert of photo of a celebrity into  pixels.  This helped us when on the website to draw our celebrity.  Mrs Harrison created Harry Potter.  Check this out below.


steps for art.  

Please click on the link above to see how I started to create my Pixel Harry Potter



Religion – Easter Inquiry

In religion today we started our research on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, The Last Supper and Easter Sunday.  Students researched these and recorded how they celebrated Easter in their family.  Once completed, students will be created their own art piece on their new learning.

Learning from home

This is an excellent website for those of you doing distance learning. It is a government website with many learning tasks.

Feel free to do some tasks and send us what you do!

Numeracy Tasks – Learning more about using a scale and measurement.

Students have developed their understanding of the concept of scale by completing numeracy tasks over the last three weeks.

In HASS students drew island maps and included legends and direction roses.

One Numeracy task involved measuring other student’s heights and recording this in a number of ways. Worded direction tasks were also set to encourage careful reading of this type of problem.