Fire Alpaca Line Art

5/6HM and AE have been developing their skills in FireAlpaca. We had the task of outlining a person, specifically focusing on the finer details like hair and facial features.  We have loved using FireAlpaca during art. Check out some of our work.  

Genius Hour Presentations

Today, both classes showcased their Genius Hour Presentations. The Genius Hour task involved students completing an inquiry on a topic of personal interest and then planning a presentation to the class which showed their  research and understanding.

Our presentations were creative, well planned and really interesting to view and ask about.


Thought Provoking Images

Our Visual Literacy lesson today was to explore various images.  We recorded how we felt when we looked at the images and discussed what message they were sending.  We explored topics including homelessness, recycling, animal cruelty, phone use and deforestation.

Catholic identity Day

Today we celebrated Catholic Identity day.

As a group we were welcomed with a video from Father Shibu. He reminded us how special our Holy Family community is and how we are all unique and loved by God.

Students were then allocated to groups where they were asked to present a Bible story to the class. Each of these stories had a message. The videos show the message for each story. It was really nice to see students working co-operatively with people they may not usually choose to work with.

We also played a Catholic Identity Kahoot quiz with a range of questions about the Bible, Sacraments, Mass and the plays students presented. Michelle was the winner closely followed by Jakob and Sarah!

It has been lovely to share in our identity today.


IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0721 IMG_0722 IMG_0723 IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0726

Faceless Art Using FireAlpaca

In Art recently, we explored the program FireAlpaca. We learnt about the various tools that we can use and how layers can be incorporated.  Our task was based around choosing a person and outlining their picture using the pen tool.  We they had to choose the appropriate colours to match our original image.   Check out some very creative art pieces.



Writer’s Notebook Magazines

This term in writer’s notebook, 5/6HM and AE have been creating their own magazines. We explored what types of articles feature inside a magazine and how the front cover invites peoples to purchase their magazine. We explored how colour, font, images and placement all work together to create a visually effective magazine. We used the website Canva to create our work. Have a look at the amazing magazines we have created.  


Blackout Poems

Today each student was given a page of a book. They needed to create a sentence out of the words on the page and ‘blackout’ the rest of the words using a picture that matched their sentence. Students showed a lot of creativity with this task! Their imaginations were extraordinary with no 2 sentences the same!

Here is a sample of our completed poems!