Australian Colonial Inquiry

Our Students are Amazing

Given a little freedom to plan an inquiry on a pre-1900 event in Australia, our students have come with some great ideas.

Many are acting out the Banjo Paterson poem, The Man From Ironbark, while some others are conducting interviews of members of the Kelly Gang.

Others have impressed by finding out about famous Australian artists such as John Glover and attempting work in their style.


Artificial Intelligence Activities

This morning’s BTN introduced us to four challenging Artificial Intelligence Activities. Perhaps the most popular was SEMANTRIS which is a word association game.

The year six girls excelled in this game with Mahi and Sarah both reaching high scores.

Access these games through the website shown on this page.




Learning Formulas – Perimeter and Area

Students  further developed their understanding of Area and Perimeter in our Numeracy lessons this week.

They will have to show what they have learnt next week when the task is to design a floor plan for the hall which shows an almost full-size volleyball court and eight half court tennis courts.

Have a look at their tasks and some of their well set out work.


Mandala Art

Today’s art lesson was based on exploring Mandala Art.  We used a compass to create a variety of circles and then used cotton buds and toothpicks to paint different shape dots on our design.  Have a look at our work in progress.  Next week we will be exploring Indigenous dot painting.


Gratitude – Religion

Our religion lesson today involved identifying character strengths in our classmates.  It was wonderful to see students record strengths they saw in others and read what others wrote about one another.

“I think it was good that we could find out what people think and what they think of our personality.” Taihya

“I liked how people would put down alot of one strength so we could know what people like about us.”  Ethan

“I liked that we got to learn what people think about us because sometimes we don’t know what people think.”  Seanna





Creative Writing Prompt – A to Z advice

Our writing prompt this morning involved students coming up with their own advice using the letters of the alphabet .

Have a look at some of the examples we came up with

 A   Accept differences (Nikos)

B   Be kind to people (Christina)

C    Care for others (Kiara)

D   Don’t give up    (Jakob)

E  everyone is equal (Terry) 

F  Feel Fantastic (Ethan)

G  Go on the right path (Eric)

H  Hug yourself (Thien-An)

I    Inside, people have feelings and thoughts and they all deserve to be respected (Taihya)

J  Just do it (Nikos) 

K  Kids are nice (Connor)

L   Laughter is the fun in life (John)

M  Make life fun (Michelle)

N  No hate (Victoria)

O  On this world you have the opportunity to have a good life (Nikos) 

P Persevere even in the tough times (Terry)

Q  question yourself, “Is this right?”  (Bhajleen) 

R Rainbows are beautiful (Connor) 

S Social Distancing  (Sama)

T  The fires and virus are bad for you and the world (Connor)

U  Use new things that you never use (Christina)

V    Vibes will help you  (Kiara)

W  What a nice world (Arnav)

X   Xrays… we are just like them. To see through problems we just haven’t activated them. (Bhajleen) 

Y   You can do it no matter what (Ethan) 

Z   Zoom through problems (Bhajleen) 

Birthday Magic


Birthday Magic Fun


Students learnt some “Magic,” during the week. They were able to use a set of five numbered cards to correctly choose

other student’s birth dates. They also learnt about doubling numbers and finding patterns in numbers.

They were asked to show their magic at home – we hope they did it.


Word Knowledge Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 everyone.  Our word knowledge focus for today was exploring words that had ‘ough.’  We brainstormed as many words as we could and sorted some ‘ough’ words into their correct sentence.

Week 2

We had a fantastic week learning so many new things! It has been busy, but fun!

Science – Antarctic animals and the adaptations they make to be able to live in cold weather

BTN – We watched a great segment about the Hubble Telescope which had the children accessing the NASA website and exploring the photos the telescope took on their birthdays.

HASS – Early settlement of colonies in Australia

Literacy – Lots of reading, writing about our best day ever, reading our shared novel Hatchet

Numeracy – Long and short division

Health – Looking at the role of how women and men are portrayed in movies

Art – Perspective Drawing

Please ask your child to show you their work which should be saved on their laptop!