Genius Hour Presentations

Today, both classes showcased their Genius Hour Presentations. The Genius Hour task involved students completing an inquiry on a topic of personal interest and then planning a presentation to the class which showed their  research and understanding.

Our presentations were creative, well planned and really interesting to view and ask about.


Australian History Detective Task

The students were challenged this week when they had to investigate all the issues related to a performance they viewed.

The performance was a video  taken at a memorial to Gough Whitlam and showed two performers singing the song, “From Little Things Grow.”

Students showed great investigating skills in accessing other videos and websites that told the story of the Wave Hill Walk Off.



Colonial Inquiry Presentations

Today we saw the culmination of the work we have done on colonial Australia.

Groups of students showed their inquiry presentations which included, a Wix web site on Ned Kelly, acting out “The Man From Ironbark,”  Interviews with members of the Kelly Gang as well as Banjo Paterson,  iMovies, Keynote presentations, recorded interviews and original art work in the style of colonial artists.



Australian Colonial Inquiry

Our Students are Amazing

Given a little freedom to plan an inquiry on a pre-1900 event in Australia, our students have come with some great ideas.

Many are acting out the Banjo Paterson poem, The Man From Ironbark, while some others are conducting interviews of members of the Kelly Gang.

Others have impressed by finding out about famous Australian artists such as John Glover and attempting work in their style.


Artificial Intelligence Activities

This morning’s BTN introduced us to four challenging Artificial Intelligence Activities. Perhaps the most popular was SEMANTRIS which is a word association game.

The year six girls excelled in this game with Mahi and Sarah both reaching high scores.

Access these games through the website shown on this page.




Learning Formulas – Perimeter and Area

Students  further developed their understanding of Area and Perimeter in our Numeracy lessons this week.

They will have to show what they have learnt next week when the task is to design a floor plan for the hall which shows an almost full-size volleyball court and eight half court tennis courts.

Have a look at their tasks and some of their well set out work.


Birthday Magic


Birthday Magic Fun


Students learnt some “Magic,” during the week. They were able to use a set of five numbered cards to correctly choose

other student’s birth dates. They also learnt about doubling numbers and finding patterns in numbers.

They were asked to show their magic at home – we hope they did it.