Catholic identity Day

Today we celebrated Catholic Identity day.

As a group we were welcomed with a video from Father Shibu. He reminded us how special our Holy Family community is and how we are all unique and loved by God.

Students were then allocated to groups where they were asked to present a Bible story to the class. Each of these stories had a message. The videos show the message for each story. It was really nice to see students working co-operatively with people they may not usually choose to work with.

We also played a Catholic Identity Kahoot quiz with a range of questions about the Bible, Sacraments, Mass and the plays students presented. Michelle was the winner closely followed by Jakob and Sarah!

It has been lovely to share in our identity today.


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Blackout Poems

Today each student was given a page of a book. They needed to create a sentence out of the words on the page and ‘blackout’ the rest of the words using a picture that matched their sentence. Students showed a lot of creativity with this task! Their imaginations were extraordinary with no 2 sentences the same!

Here is a sample of our completed poems!


We did some fun experiments with light today! Ask your child which activities they did. There were many to experiment with. From this we then will choose an experiment to research further.

Ethan – Water can bend light if you shine light into it

Sama – Light is made up of many things

Seanna – I saw how many layers of cellophane it took to put on the torch before the light wouldn’t shine through anymore.

Hashveer – I tried to make green so I used 1 layer of blue and one layer of yellow but it didn’t make green. I added an extra layer of blue cellophane and then it made green



Today we placed a game in Numeracy called Pig. It’s a game of chance and luck but also some strategy. The aim was to get to 50 before the other team. However, if you roll a 1 your score starts again if you haven’t banked your points. Will you keep your score, or will you roll again trying to be greedy like a pig?

There was a lot of laughter as pairs played each other.

If you have 1 dice at home, you can play this with your family. Alternatively you can use a dice tool on the internet. Ask your child to teach you how to play!

Dining Hall

5/6AE & 5/6HM will be having a Dining Hall experience. Please note that there is no charge to families for this service.


Date: Wednesday 3 June 2020


Lunch Menu

  • Spring rolls & fried rice
  • Vegetables
  • Cake & custard


What students should bring on the day:

  • Plate, spoon and Fork labelled with student’s name (non-disposable)
  • Fruit
  • Recess

Week 2

We had a fantastic week learning so many new things! It has been busy, but fun!

Science – Antarctic animals and the adaptations they make to be able to live in cold weather

BTN – We watched a great segment about the Hubble Telescope which had the children accessing the NASA website and exploring the photos the telescope took on their birthdays.

HASS – Early settlement of colonies in Australia

Literacy – Lots of reading, writing about our best day ever, reading our shared novel Hatchet

Numeracy – Long and short division

Health – Looking at the role of how women and men are portrayed in movies

Art – Perspective Drawing

Please ask your child to show you their work which should be saved on their laptop!

Dining Hall dates Term 2

This term we have 3 Dining Hall experiences. The students will not need to bring lunch on these days.

The dates and food chosen by the children are…

May 13th – Pasta Bake, veggies, garlic bread and mousse.
June 3rd – Spring Rolls, Fried Rice, cake and custard
June 24th – Fish and Chips and mousse
Please mark the dates in your diary