Boy Overboard

We are nearing the end of our class novel with only 4 chapters to go. We will read these tomorrow.

Today’s chapters were quite sad so this may be something you would like to discuss with your children. The main characters Jamal and Bibi have just been told that their parents have died.

After our reading the children were asked to write how they think the story will end.

Some of the writing produced by children has been amazing!

I wonder how our story will end….

Learning from home

This is an excellent website for those of you doing distance learning. It is a government website with many learning tasks.

Feel free to do some tasks and send us what you do!



Today students participated in some plays about resilience!

Students needed to plan a scenario and act it out for the class where we needed to guess the character who used resilience.

They did a great job, we have some budding young actors!




Literacy – Animalia task

Today we read the book Animalia by Australian author Graeme Base.

The book uses alliteration for each letter of the alphabet.

The students are now writing their own alliteration sentences.

This is what the students came up with….

Dumb, dopey, daring dogs diving down to diamond dolphins dining on disgusting dumplings.

Students are also recording as many words as they can for items they find that start with each letter of the alphabet from the pages in the book. This task will take a few weeks!

Harmony Day

Last week we celebrated Harmony Day with a range of provocations.

The students were given the choice of exploring why the colour orange is used, to write an acrostic poem about diversity or mapping all the different cultural backgrounds of our classmates. I saw some very creative work started on Friday! This task is due this coming Friday and I’ll post some photos of completed work!

Indigenous Cultural learning

Today we had a visit from an artist in residence called Iteka Ukarla Sanderson-Bromley. 

She spoke about Aboriginal culture and the Aboriginal country groups she is from.

Taihya – I learnt how much effort people put in to have just a small amount of what we have. They used animal and nature to make everything.

Melody – I thought the circular breathing was interesting.

Seanna – I thought the paint ochre was cool and I didn’t realise there was different names for all of the Indigenous groups. Like the WA and SA have different names.

Lincoln – I learnt how to catch a boomerang.

Mr Elder – I learnt that boomerangs bounce!

Indigenous people have been in Australia for about 80,000 years.


Unfortunately the photos I took aren’t uploading today but ask your children about what they saw!

Dining Hall

Today we shared in a delicious lunch – make your own burger.

Students had a roll to which they added a chicken snitzel, tomato, lettuce, sauce or mayonnaise.

We followed it up with some jelly.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and there were double thumbs up from many students to show their appreciation.

Many thanks to Susan and Sue in the canteen for providing us with a lovely lunch.