St Vincent De Paul visit

This afternoon we had Jayne Shortt from St Vincent De Paul visit to play ‘The Cost of Living’ game. Each group started with $265 and then had to go around the board facing the daily challenges families face. Doctors bills, car emergencies, groceries, school fees etc. Groups found out what it’s like to face day to day money expenses.

Lorraine mentioned the importance of the sacrifices parents make to be able to keep their children happy, clothes and fed.

Liam spoke of the good feelings you might have if you gave some clothes or donated time to help those in need.

Carlo said good things come back to those who help others.

One group ran out of money and found out how difficult it can be for families when they have to pay bills with no money. It was then Jayne mentioned all the services Vinnies provide to help families in need. They are an amazing charity who help so many families. Many in our community.



Hour of Power

Today in class the students were introduced to our new inquiry provocation.



5/6HS and 5/6BM’s Hour of Power


This inquiry is an opportunity for students to choose a topic of their choice, research and create a presentation that showcases their 100 languages. We are asking students to draw on their CLARA learning powers as they investigate and become experts in a topic that is of interest to them. Today we discussed the initial stage of this inquiry, which entailed students to brainstorm what topic they would like to become an expert in. We have spoken about students developing a deeper level of understanding through their line of inquiry. This can be achieved in many ways but often begins with the types of questions that are being developed. We encourage students using open ended questioning, rather than narrow, closed questioning when in the development stage of their inquiry. The video clip below is a good explanation of how this inquiry could take shape.

Investigations today – lots of learning, noise and fun!!

Well today we explored another way to learn in our class. We investigated through play using a variety of  interesting resources. Provocations were based on the use of some character strengths and Clara learning powers. Students had the choice of activities from, learning to juggle (which required them to use their growth mindsets), following procedures to make balloon animals, geography based jigsaw puzzles, lego construction, coding with spheros, zen-tangle art design, origami, Numeracy and literacy games. The students had a whole lot of fun, while learning to work with others, strengthen their persistence in learning new skills. We will have the opportunity to reflect on the learning  today and evaluate the rate of participation.

Here are some photos from the afternoon….


Origami with beautiful patterned paper. Students made a variety of critters and floral creations.



Coding in pairs using the Spheros.

Pieng mastered balloon animals using a procedure, he then helped others.


Working together on puzzles. These students were all very focused.


Jugglers using a growth mindset and lots of persistence. Juggling is a tricky skill that uses both sides of the brain at once.


Construction with Lego, Lincoln designed his own Bay-blade.



Identity Inquiry

On the first day of 2019 the teachers shared all about ourselves through sharing of photos and stories. The Students loved hearing us talk and enjoyed looking at the photos. As a class we brainstormed the things that have helped influence and shape all of our lives. Through mind mapping and brainstorming students have identified the main influences in their lives and ways they can use creativity and individuality to share this with others.

This is our first inquiry for the year and a great way for us to all learn about each other. The students have until next Wednesday to prepare their presentation for the group. They are encouraged to use their strengths and creativity. We are looking forward to seeing what they come up with. So far we have some talk of clay models, timelines, story boards, photo collages etc.

We will be sure to take



Our new class expectations…

In 5/6 HS and BM we have discussed expectations for this year. It is pretty simply really, no need for loads of confusing rules and consequences. We are keeping it positive and have discussed what it means to always …be ‘Kind’, be ‘Brave’ and be ‘Awesome’. All rules we could possibly think about fell under these 3 areas. These are displayed in our classroom along with all of our thoughts on what it means for all of us to be Kind, Brave and Awesome. So this year we can be the very best version of ourselves.

Here are some of our reflections…


Being kind means help others, taking turns, not arguing and giving them a chance.

Being brave is standing up to bullies.


Kind people are kind because they are awesome people that listen to the rules and don’t disagree.


Being brave means never quitting. 

Ann Maria:

Being brave means standing up to lead.


Kind- respecting other people, sharing and including. To be brave is to stand up for yourself and your fellow peers. Being awesome is being the best version of yourself.


Being brave is not being shy to people and to have a go.


Kind people play with you, brave people don’t quit and awesome people help.


Being awesome means doing good things, even if they are small.


Being awesome means to play with someone who is lonely.


To be awesome, you just have to be yourself.


Being brave is like being fearless to to things others don’t want to do.


Being kind means to respect others and show love.


Being brave is when you do challenges that you have never done before.


Being brave is doing something that you are afraid of, but you give it a go.


Brave is doing something that you don’t really want to do, but you give it a go anyway.


Being kind means making new friends and asking them to play.


Being kind means making new friends and asking them to play.


Being brave means to try new things.


It is brave and good to stand up for your friends.


Being kind is showing kindness and using teamwork.


Being kind is being confident, nice, caring and cheerful.


Being brave is encouraging yourself.


Being brave is sticking up for your friends.


Kindness is when someone is helping others in a lot of ways.


Kindness is sticking up for your friends.

Nguyen Anh:

Being awesome just means to be yourself!

Abel – Being brave is making the school a safe place for others.

Abiei – Being brave is when you stand up for people who are left out.

Akur – Being kind means helping others and doing something that makes you happy and makes others happy too. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated too.

Asher – To be brave means sticking up for people and taking your fear away by doing it.

Bailey – Being kind means to be nice to everyone even if they’re not your friend or new to the school.

Bryant – To be brave is getting up at assembly to speak.

Carlo – If you do a good deed for someone like if the person is hurt you take them to the office. That’s being kind.

Celine – I think being kind means respecting others. It’s not hurting anyone physically or mentally. 

Deng – Being brave is speaking up whenever you want to say something.

Eric – Being brave is when you can think you can accomplish anything. Maybe after that you can be proud.

Evan – Being kind is helping others when they are in need.

Gowtham – Being brave is to never give up on something you’re doing even if someone says something negative about you.

John – Being awesome is being smart, doing good deeds and doing great things.

Liam – Being kind is when you help people when they need it and include people in what you’re doing.

Lorraine -To me the definition of ‘kind’ means doing things for other people without being asked.

Neath – Being kind is being helpful to others.

Nikki – Being brave is standing up for someone.

Pieng – Being braves means you are about to do something but you’re scared and you just do it anyway.

Rylie – To be brave you do something you never did before. Just do it.

Shanthana – To be brave it means to stand up for there and yourself.

Sophia – Being kind is respecting people and people friends with people you don’t know yet.

Stephanie  – Being brave is not giving up and standing up for yourself and others.

Tina – Being kind is helping, taking care, honest and you can be kind even to yourself.

Victor – Being kind is helping someone even if they are not your friend.

Vince – Being kind means being a good friend.

Vinh – Being kind is helping other people in the world.

Yanna – Being kind means you need to respect each other and show that you are a true leader.

Yshi – To be brave can be standing up for someone who isn’t getting included.