Pedagogy and Catholic Identity

Over the term our students have been participating in the Vinnies Lenten Challenge- Each day of lent, students have removed one item from their cupboard or room that they no longer use, wear or need and placing it Vinnies classroom bin before Jayne Shortt (Vinnies rep) arrives to collect our donations. The students engaged in a numeracy provocation to gather the donations, count, sort and classify the items into bags. Students collaborated in groups and recorded their learning using their laptops. This allowed children to problem-solve and explore the world ‘mathematically’. Numeracy is about more than just counting. The students from 5/6BM & HS teamed up with their buddies from R/1MC & EN to sort and categorize objects, while measuring and calculating amounts. click on the hyperlink below to see a short video of us in action

vinnies sorting


Harmony Day Celebrations

Today the school was treated to some fantastic cultural dances at assembly. There were many students from our class who participated in dances with origins from Africa, Vietnam and India. The festival choir performed our school song “Jewel in the Crown”. At Holy Family we celebrate the diversity of our community and are extremely proud the 60+ cultures represented. Have a look at some snippets from the performances today.


girls african dance-18pjwf5

boys african dance-19m7d27

vietnamese dance-1c1owvx

indian dance-rufv4g



Have you heard about our community puzzles?

We set up a puzzle for a provocation in the first weeks of school and they have become a big talking point in the class.

We have the puzzles out on a table and children come and go throughout the day putting a piece in here and there.

So far we have completed a map of Australia, a map of the world and flags of the world puzzle. These have been a wonderful opportunity not only for education but also socially. Taking it in turns, offering help, not to mention the conversations that are being had whilst doing the puzzle. Places that have been visited, where I come from and a general interest in learning about different things that are part of the puzzle have been a wonderful way for the students and teachers to connect through a common interest.

We didn’t realise it would be such a hit!

Next up is a giant donut puzzle! Our puzzles have been 1000 piece ones so far – this is 1500 pieces, it’s going to be a big challenge!

Assembly Today – So much fun!!

Today students from 5/6HS and BM hosted assembly. Our theme was ‘Holy Family Fringe’. Students all wore colourful props and had a lot of fun with it. We received very positive feedback from people all over the school. We began with a grand entrance from everyone, then entertained with juggling, magicians, nature shows, dancing, comedians, animators and everyone joined in a ‘body percussion’ number at the end. Thanks to the parents and friends who came along to watch. Here are some photos for those who missed out.



Assembly and Collective House Day

This coming Friday (Week 6) will be our class assembly. Please come along to the Hall at 9am to see us showcase our talents to the school.


Following Assembly the students in our class will be participating in Collective House Day, where a variety of activities will be taking place in vertical learning groups. It is a really exciting day that will see students live out our school’s values while having lots of fun.


As a part of this celebration LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED to all students.