Hour of Power showcase

Last week we held our first showcase of the year. Each student proudly displayed their learning to our school community. We had several classes and teachers visit and most importantly for the children, some family and friends! Thanks to all the people who visited and took time to speak to each child about their learning. Children became the teachers on the topic they were interested in and it’s fair to say that each student taught me something I didn’t know! They were very creative and many students are keen to have another go next term!

Congratulations to each of the students in 5/6BM and HS


Learning Showcase – You’re Invited!!

Over the term students have been spending approximately one hour per week participating in what we call ‘Hour of Power’. This is a process where students have directed their own learning by choosing a topic they are curious about and generating their own quality questions. Students needed to record their learning somehow and present it in an interesting way to share with their peers and learning community.

Parents and friends are invited to share this learning this Thursday morning at 9- 9.30am in our classroom when students will be showcasing their work. We look forward to seeing you later this week.


Here is a short clip we used as a provocation for the ‘Hour of Power’ concept to students earlier this term.




Cyber Safety Presentation

Today a representitive from SAPOL came to our classroom to speak the the students about how they can be safe and responsible users of electronic devices.  A very thought provoking presentation was delivered that equipped students with information and strategies to remain safe online. The presentation provided a timely reminder for parents and caregivers to have conversations with their children about their online activity and the digital footprint they are creating. The students were fully engaged throughout the presentation and had the opportunity to ask some good questions at the end.