Important dates

Hello families of 5/6 HS and BM,

As our busy term is almost half way through, we’re very much aware that some parents are beginning to wonder what some of the important dates are for the end of year celebrations. All of our students have access to a modified term calendar that we use in class to share important dates. If you ask your child they should be able to share this with you on their laptop.

However here are some of the dates to remember. Please keep in mind that some of these apply to year 6 students only.

  • Week 5– Friday night –School disco
  • Week 6 – Friday 9.00am Sports assembly.
  • Week 7 Illawonga Camp
  • Week 8 – Tuesday Graduation Mass 9.30 in hall
  • Week 8– Friday whole school Carols Night
  • Week 9–  Thursday 9.00am Graduation Assembly
  • Week 9– Thursday Night – Graduation Ceremony (year 6 only) time TBC
  • Week 9Friday Pupil Free day

In among all of these exciting events we still have some great learning to take place. It is our aim for this to continue right up until the end of the year. For our year 6 students it’s a great time to prepare and be involved in the transition to secondary school, while our year 5’s are learning what is involved in becoming the ‘Seniors’ at school.  The notes and money for the compulsory senior jumpers in 2020 are due along with any outstanding Camp forms. We are keen to get final numbers for camp by the end of this week.

Please feel free to put these dates in your calendar as we look forward to sharing these events with families. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with as much of the details as possible. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Kind regards,

Hayley Stam, Jodi Giancaspro and Emily Monaghan

Yr 5/6 Teachers

Eggciting Stem task!!!

Today we went outside to the balcony to perform our giant egg drop. Students worked in teams with a $100 budget to purchase materials from a list of choices available. They then designed a device to help carry their egg to the ground from the balcony. Students needed to use their understanding of gravity and considered resistance and mass in their designs. This was a fun and engaging task. Most eggs survived the fall, a couple were not so lucky!!!

Slithery Class Visitor

Today we had a visit from Zahra’s family pet. ‘Nuckles’ is a friendly Jungle Jack Python. Zahra’s Mum and Dad brought him in for us to all see, and some were even brave enough to pat. He was a very beautifully coloured and active python and the class loved seeing him. Thanks for giving up your time to come and visit.



Parish Visitors

Today our classroom was visited by a group of parish members and leaders as part of a special day for them here at Holy Family. With a focus on the diversity of our Catholic identity, some of our students had prepared and delivered a small presentation to the group. Congratulations to Osi, Lorraine, Ann Maria, Shanthana and Deepthi for their leadership and courage and their wonderful work.

Osi – Talked about her Buddhism faith and its comparison to Catholic faith and her involvement in our catholic community. She has also displayed a Venn diagram on the screen.

Lorraine – Shared family photos while discussing her connections with in the Parish community and her personal story of faith development.

Shanthana, Deepthi and Ann Maria – Performed a cultural dance representing their Indian heritage and religious beliefs as way of demonstrating how cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated here at Holy Family.

Year 6 Camp

Hi Families,

Last weeks camp for the year 6’s from HS, BM & HM to Victor Harbor was a great success. Credit to the students for their enthusiasm, positive attitudes, manners and general behaviour. This was not only noticed by the teachers attending, but campsite staff as well. A big congratulations to all students who attended. It was a great chance to work, learn, play, eat and socialise in a relaxed and fun setting together.

We took many photos whilst on camp – too many to upload them all. We are compiling a list of photos on the shared drive here at school so that students can copy them onto their laptops to share with you at home.

Here a just a couple…

Beach-combing Investigation

last week on the year 6 camp the students collected many interesting things when we visited Goolwa beach. These specimens were brought back to school and today used in our learning. The budding scientists worked in pairs to observe, describe, investigate, name, classify, and record as much as they could about the many interesting things that have been washed up onto this South Australian beach. Items ranged from eggs casings, fossilised rocks to sea sponges and fibre balls. This learning will become part of a display for others to use in our schools Mudla.

Learning Showcase – You’re Invited!!

Over the term students have been spending approximately one hour per week participating in what we call ‘Hour of Power’. This is a process where students have directed their own learning by choosing a topic they are curious about and generating their own quality questions. Students needed to record their learning somehow and present it in an interesting way to share with their peers and learning community.

Parents and friends are invited to share this learning this Thursday morning at 9- 9.30am in our classroom when students will be showcasing their work. We look forward to seeing you later this week.


Here is a short clip we used as a provocation for the ‘Hour of Power’ concept to students earlier this term.




Assembly Today – So much fun!!

Today students from 5/6HS and BM hosted assembly. Our theme was ‘Holy Family Fringe’. Students all wore colourful props and had a lot of fun with it. We received very positive feedback from people all over the school. We began with a grand entrance from everyone, then entertained with juggling, magicians, nature shows, dancing, comedians, animators and everyone joined in a ‘body percussion’ number at the end. Thanks to the parents and friends who came along to watch. Here are some photos for those who missed out.