Book Week 2019

Book Week will be celebrated in week 5 this Term. On Friday 23rd of August, children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. This year’s theme is ‘Reading is my secret power.’  Children can be as creative as they like, or simply add a superhero cape or mask to their school uniform. We look forward to celebrating this with our classes.

Thank you


On the 22nd of July news was released that several new Indigenous inspired emojis would be released.

The students had the task this afternoon of creating their own Indigemoji using FireAlpaca or Photoshop.

They did an amazing job! Here is one example below.


Catholic Identity Day

Today we celebrated a shared morning with Father Shibu where we were reminded of our importance to God and God’s role in our lives.

“God is good – All the time” was chanted through the school hall.

In class the students are doing an investigation into what it means to be a saint, researching a saint of their choice and reflecting on  how we can be saints in our every day life.

Sustainable Development Goals Day

Hi All,

This Friday the school will be celebrating Global Sustainable Development Goals Day. Your child has been sent home with an important note today. Our class will be participating in the day with a wholesome luncheon where we intend to highligh goals 2 and 10.

The cost will be $5 per student.

We appreciate your support for the success of this day. Below is further information



Parish Visitors

Today our classroom was visited by a group of parish members and leaders as part of a special day for them here at Holy Family. With a focus on the diversity of our Catholic identity, some of our students had prepared and delivered a small presentation to the group. Congratulations to Osi, Lorraine, Ann Maria, Shanthana and Deepthi for their leadership and courage and their wonderful work.

Osi – Talked about her Buddhism faith and its comparison to Catholic faith and her involvement in our catholic community. She has also displayed a Venn diagram on the screen.

Lorraine – Shared family photos while discussing her connections with in the Parish community and her personal story of faith development.

Shanthana, Deepthi and Ann Maria – Performed a cultural dance representing their Indian heritage and religious beliefs as way of demonstrating how cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated here at Holy Family.

Year 6 Camp

Hi Families,

Last weeks camp for the year 6’s from HS, BM & HM to Victor Harbor was a great success. Credit to the students for their enthusiasm, positive attitudes, manners and general behaviour. This was not only noticed by the teachers attending, but campsite staff as well. A big congratulations to all students who attended. It was a great chance to work, learn, play, eat and socialise in a relaxed and fun setting together.

We took many photos whilst on camp – too many to upload them all. We are compiling a list of photos on the shared drive here at school so that students can copy them onto their laptops to share with you at home.

Here a just a couple…