Library Week 9!

In today’s library session we focussed on listening for meaning. Amber, Janjeara and Gem kindly read Blue Sky Yellow Kite to the group.

Together we discussed what the moral of the story may be and if there was any Character Strengths;

  • Keerat – ‘Well in the end of the little brother gave her a kite so maybe it is teaching kindness.’
  • Gabriella – Honesty and kindness to her brother

After reading we individually borrowed our books for the week and filled in our Premiers Reading Challenge sheets (last day today)!

outdoor ed day/choir

outdoor ed day was really fun and I loved it but my favourite part was hockey I liked it so much that I did it twice with yen my ,Jonas and Nati it was so fun and we played all different types of games in hockey and in one of them it was just me and James who is the guy that helped us with hockey left and I almost bet him and I won two of the games and I just wanted to thank Copper and James for helping us because with out them I wouldn’t of had this much fun and I just want to thank them for helping me.

choir-We had our choir concert a couple of days ago and its so amazing there was so many people there watching everyone did such good job and everyone sang so well and mr salter came to watch us and it was so exciting and i loved every minute of it and can’t wait to next year.

Outdoor classroom Day!!

Outdoor classroom day was so fun. It was about learning something, getting active and having fun. My favourite Activity was every activity because all of it was really fun!!. In the morning i went inside said “hello” to Mr Depalma and then Sammy,Paul, Dom and myself walked over to the oval to do AFL 9’s with Mr Depalma and Miss B. At first I played a game and we won and then i went over with Miss B and did some footy skills and i really liked how i had a partner and we faced the other was and when Miss B kicked the ball we had to quickly turn around and mark the ball. After that activity was done we went back to class to have a fruit break and i had a banana. Our second activity was Activity circuit with Mrs Nunez and Mrs Norris and it was so fun because at first Dom , Paul ,Sammy and myself played handball and and then we went and got a skipping rope and we saw who could skip the fastest. Later on Mohammad and I played with the frisbee with Mrs Nunez and then it was recces time. After recces Dom , Sammy ,Paul and I played netball and it was so fun!!!!! and i scored 4 goals and we won!!! and then it was lunch time. After lunch we went to the scavenger hunt and i found a gecko!!! At the end of the day i had 20,000 steps   and it was a really fun day!

Outdoor classroom day!!!!!

Yesterday, we had Outdoor classroom day, it was really fun overall but my 3 favourite activities were first of all footy, netball and hockey.Footy was my favourite because it was just so fun playing with new people and just playing again after the footy carnival. I loved playing forward because I am loved kicking the ball into the goals and I did kick into the goals few times. Netball was another activity we did, it was really fun playing this too, also seeing boys play was really cool. I played WA (wing attack) all I had to do was give the ball to GA and GS (goal attack and goal shooter) because both of them could shoot we won by one point because we scored 3 and they scored 2. After that we played hockey, it was my first time playing though I did really good as my first time. We had some warm-ups in the starting and after that, we played two games, shark and red rover. Shark was my favourite game because you had to protect your ball form two or three people, I lost the first two games then after that I was the last person standing so I won that game, and in the red rover I got out in the first round. We also had nature scavenger hunt, it wasn’t my favourite because it was quite boring because all you had to do is find stuff for an hour.

Outdoors Education Day

Yesterday was outdoors education day we had to do everything outdoors we had to choose 4 activity and do it outside. I chose Netball, AFL, Fishing, and Bubbles my favourite out of all of them was AFL and Netball they were really fun to play and very enjoyable. I think being able to do everything outside for 1 day is a very good experience for kids because staying in class isn’t always good because they might not get enough vitamins and might get bored and won’t do anything. I also think that the activities were very good, it’s always good to learn new stuff and that what outdoors education days is about I also like the teacher who were in charge of those activity they were really nice and encouraging. I would like to thank all the teachers for this day they made it very fun,enjoyable and it made people feel very happy.

Outdoor ed day blog!

So yesterday on Thursday we had outdoor ed day and everyone had to wear their sports uniform. We had to write down what activities we are doing and what time. In the morning I and Keerat first did Nature’s scavenger hunt and it was fun and kind of boring because all we had to do was find stuff and we were there for like an hour. We went to the warrior ninja playground because we thought we were doing the scavenger hunt there. We found a lot of interesting things while we were doing the hunt. I found a root and I found chatime. After the hunt, we went back to our classrooms and had our fruit. Then we had to go to our next activity. For our next activity, me and Keerat went to footy with Miss B and Mr DePalma. Footy was soooo funnn but it was boiling and I was sweating a lot. I was also very exhausted. After footy we had netball. Netball was great I think we scored 3 and the other team scored 2. Before netball, we had to some stretching and practising catching and throwing the ball. After netball, we had hockey in the hall no one didn’t know there was hockey in the hall. Hockey was very fun we had to do some practising dribbling the ball and we had to race our partners.

We played a game called sharks, so there will be 2 sharks and they try to get your ball and if you lose your ball you are out.


Outdoor education day!

For my first activity it was he nature scavenger hunt with Mr Bartold at Gravilia reserve, the park next to the school. We got a paper bag with a list of things that we had to find like bark, grass,rock, we also had to tick off some animals too like ants, birds,butteflys. But for unliving things we put them in the bag. But the animals we just ticked them off. We also had to feel some surfaces, rough,smooth and soft. We even had to find certain colours… Brown,red and green.We also had to find shapes like a triangle,sqaure and circle. It was very easy but for some of the things, it was really hard. For the second activity me and Thien-An  did activity circuit with señora and Miss Norris, we got to do a lot of different activities like Handball, throwing a Frisbee, giant jenga and a lot more. Firstly, we did the activity where you got these circles and you had to throw them on to a stick to get points and whoever got the most won. After that we did handball for the rest of the activity. It was pretty okay for fun. Then it was recess time so we had to go upstairs and eat. For our third activity we did Bubbles, it was okay but what we had to do was… we got to make our own bubble mixture in groups of 6 or more. We first add a couple cups of water, then added some corn starch and then Jan mixed it very slowly. We added some dish soap after that and mixed it. Lastly we added two more ingredients then Jan mixed it all together. We gave it to the teacher afterwards. Then we made out own bubble wands. After that we tired to blow some bubbles with the bubble mixture that the other group made before us. It was lunch time after that lesson. We had to wash our hands before we ate. Then we came back to the class to eat. For our forth and final activity, me and Then-An did hockey in the hall for fun. But we were supposed to do Photography but we wanted to see what hockey was about so that’s why we did it. Then after that it was the end of the day…

out door edu day..

so starting off with Thurday the first activity my friends and I did was scavenger hunt, the second activity that me and my friends did was tent building, the third activity was afl foot ball and the final activity was bubbles, so with the first activity we had to go to the back yard and find stuff that was on the list of what we had to find some things we had to find was sticks, rocks, bark, birds and many more, just nature stufff, I mean scavenger hunt wad pretty fun and I would love to try it again, so the second activity we did tent building it was soo fun basically 2 people would be blindfolded whiles making the tent and the other 2 people would be instructing the blindfold people what to do, the one thing I didn’t like about it was that we had to go into the tent to take a photo and it was really hot and that made my friends and I almost suffocate, the third activity was the AFL it was superfine it was my number 1 favourite activity of the day, I would love to try it again as a class, and now for the final activity bubbles, I mean it wasn’t that fun the bubbles didn’t even blow but a least I gave it a try, if the bubbles did work I bet ya I would Love it, now that comes to conclusion the end of the day, I would Love to try and do this again next year with my new class mates.