Fantastic Friday!!

Welcome all. Here is what is happening today…..

……we welcome back the other Miss B, Miss Booth, whilst Miss Battifuoco is away. 

9:00  Assembly

10:00  PAT tests…. new laptops given out


Library DE/ ILT time IB

Library IB/ ILT time DE


D/T- designing our inventions and making





Today many students leanred a new concept in maths called BEDMAS. It is about doing calculations in a certain order. Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Students challenged themselves by working through the problems. some noticed some interesting patterns.

Zack: you have to do division before multiplication


My: Do multiplication before addition


Christian: subtraction always goes last.

Flooding… No Way!

This afternoon we put on our critical thinking hats and thought about FLOOD DEFENCE!

Our task was to use our learning from this term surrounding floods and design a defence force for the River Torrens.


As Lara was thinking about what materials might be waterproof, she decided to test some clay in the sink. “The Clay repels the water so we will use it for our design!”

Gabby: “A steel wall and on top would be glass so it can be sunny as well as protect people from the rain.”

Dhyana: “My plan is to have the water evaporate by solar panels.”

Jacob: “There will be a dome all around the river made up of glass. It only pops up when it rains!”

Jess: “The sponge absorbs all the water that goes down through the pipes into the metal boxes and the hot air evaporates it. All for $55.55!”

Vu and Justin: “The magnets hold the two sides of the protector. The cost depends on the size. Barb wires are for intruders.”

The Star Visual Literacy!

For Literacy Rotations visual literacy, we had to watch a movie trailer called “The Star.” It looked very interesting to watch, after we watched it. We had to pick an activity on the other page. I did the activity: What do you think the movie will be about? How will it end? Here is my work, as well as some pictures from the trailer…