on the weekend i…

on the weekend i went shopping with my mum for a birthday party.

on the weekend i went to the park and played footy with my cousins.

on the weekend i went swimming with my dad and my brother.

on the weekend i went to a party with my family.

on the weekend i went to the city with my mum and we did shopping.

on the weekend i went to my cousins house.

on the weekend i went to my friends house.

on the weekend i made slime at my friends house and my cousins house.

on the weekend i watched a movie with my brother.

on the weekend i did painting at my cousins house.

My Weekend

On Saturday morning I woke up had breakfast then went to math school at 12pm when math class was over I had a break, then I went to Viet school until 4:15PM we didn’t do any work but we had food and drink because we were celebrating the Mid-Year Festival. After that, I went to concert practice and then singing practice till 8:00PM I thought the day was over but I went to a birthday party till 11:30pm I was really tired when got home so I got ready and went to bed. On Sunday I went to church and when it was finished I had to stay back till 3:00pm because we had to run through the play after that my dad picked me up and we went home and rest. My mum was home after going somewhere with her friends she asked if we wanted to go to Chatime we said yes after we had bought our bubble tea we went to the park then went home. When we were home we had dinner and played on my laptop while I was doing my brother was jumping and he accidentally jumped on my back it really hurt so I told my mum and he got in trouble. After the incident we went to bed because it was getting late.

on the weekend…

On Sunday me and y family went to the holy family 10;00 church it was okay, we sat near the green scree in the library, after churchmen and my family went to Aldi to buy chicken but there was no more, so then we had to drive to IGA and then there was some so after that we drove to the park near tea tree plaza with my choir, we went there to play and have BBQ so my family was in charge of the chicken and there was some other people who were in charge of other things like salad, sausages and other stuff, after that we went home and we sleep fora bit, when we got home it was about 3;30, so as I said we went home a sleep then at the time of 6;30 we drove to our cousins house for his 18th birthday we was a big boy, he hd lots of fun, when we got there we ate hot pot it was soo good and after that we played a little it of archer, and after that we played a bit and then it was time to go home, and after that I went home and had a shower an then I slept at 11;30, and know I’m here at school.

What I did on the weekend!

On Friday, night I had a sleepover with my friend Thalia! It was really fun and I enjoyed it lot. We tried to watch Finding dory but it didn’t work.  The next morning, we tired to watch another movie but we didn’t finish it… We ended up going to a grocery store that was really close to our house. After that we went home really quickly to put away the food that we bought. Then we went to Hollywood to get some more food. Firstly we went  to buy some medicine for my grandma, then we went to Hollywood. Afterwards we went to Hollywood fresh to buy some food.  Then we went to McDonalds to buy our lunch, lastly we went to Knick knacks because my mum had to buy a new shower cap because our old one had a lot of holes in it. After Hollywood we went to drop Thalia off at her house, then me and my mum went home. On Sunday, It was a normal day, Thalia came over again at 12pm because we had tutoring together, we played lots of games and it was really fun! The tutor came at 1:30pm or that’s the time he usually came. My mum got an invitation to her cousin’s child’s birthday. But we decided not to go because it was 12pm to night time. Tutoring finished at around 3pm so we played more games but at 4:30 my cousin and uncle came while we were doing floor dares…  I didn’t see my cousin for a long time so it was a bit different. Then at 5pm Thalia went home and then I had to have a shower while washing my hair.  My cousins in Cambodia tired to do a Skype call but it wasn’t working so my cousin and uncle went home. But then… Skype worked… but it was already too late, my grandma wanted my 18 year old cousin to see my 25 year old cousin but it was too late but my 25 year old cousin wasn’t even at home at the time so it didn’t really matter… Then it was pretty normal in the evening time. But my mum cooked spring rolls and chicken wings! So it was a really nice dinner. It was really yummy too.

what I did on the weekend

On the weekend I couldn’t play my most favourite game on Roblox I couldn’t play CBRO :C it wasn’t very fun waiting to get in tbh I never even got in ;C so I played other games like survive the disaster 2 which was a bit fun and I also play bloodiest which was a FPS it was fun you have to shoot zombie things and it was easy killing them but when it got to wave 7 or 8 it was so bad I had a shotgun and everyone else had a heavy or commando and I was struggling but I was still the second best in my server. One time I remember it was wave 7 and I still had a pistol and I was the best in my server and everyone else had a better gun I got the most kills by just aiming for the head it was good.

Week 10!

Morning bloggers!!

We hope you had a brilliant weekend! We have reflected on ours using our individual blogs this morning.

Can you believe it, end of term already?! 

This week on Friday we will celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival. Students are asked to bring a plate of food from their culture to share and dress in traditional clothes.

Library Week 9!

In today’s library session we focussed on listening for meaning. Amber, Janjeara and Gem kindly read Blue Sky Yellow Kite to the group.

Together we discussed what the moral of the story may be and if there was any Character Strengths;

  • Keerat – ‘Well in the end of the little brother gave her a kite so maybe it is teaching kindness.’
  • Gabriella – Honesty and kindness to her brother

After reading we individually borrowed our books for the week and filled in our Premiers Reading Challenge sheets (last day today)!

outdoor ed day/choir

outdoor ed day was really fun and I loved it but my favourite part was hockey I liked it so much that I did it twice with yen my ,Jonas and Nati it was so fun and we played all different types of games in hockey and in one of them it was just me and James who is the guy that helped us with hockey left and I almost bet him and I won two of the games and I just wanted to thank Copper and James for helping us because with out them I wouldn’t of had this much fun and I just want to thank them for helping me.

choir-We had our choir concert a couple of days ago and its so amazing there was so many people there watching everyone did such good job and everyone sang so well and mr salter came to watch us and it was so exciting and i loved every minute of it and can’t wait to next year.