New Year New Start

Hello world  my name is Jessica I go to HFCS (Holy Family Catholic School) Today we are starting school I already found out that we have an amazing teacher and wonderful classmates . Today we are going to start learning and the best part is that WE GET LAPTOPS !!!! Today we hanging up reasons that makes us happy we wrote down a few reasons then we made it colourful so we could hang it up .

Welcome to 2017!

Good morning Bloggers and Welcome to 2017 with Miss Battifuoco and Mr. DePalma! Together, this morning we discussed some shared expectations for our class this year. We spoke about routines, new areas in the school and the exciting laptop system! Take a look 🙂

Together we then spoke about what makes our classroom a happy and safe place!

Individually we recorded and illustrated our thoughts to then be used as a classroom display.

Some of the wonderful work our students did this afternoon!