Shrove Tuesday

This afternoon we investigated Shrove Tuesday. Together we discussed what it means and where the tradition comes from. We had many students wanting to contribute to the discussion;

Akash told us that in the olden days they used up all the ingredients to make pancakes.
Dhyana and Dom shared that they did this before starving like Jesus in the desert.
Jessica also reminded us that it was 40 days that Jesus was starving in the desert.

We were also lucky enough to have our own pancakes in the classroom together. We spoke about the pancakes themselves and how these became associated with Shrove Tuesday as they were a dish that could use up all the eggs, fats and milk in the house with just the addition of flour.

This lead us into a discussion surrounding Lent. 

It was interesting to note the students understanding of Lent and their amazing ability to see that it isn’t always about giving something up but could rather in the form of a random act of kindness to someone.

Students then recorded using their 100 languages what they were promising to do during Lent. Take a look at some of our creative ideas of how we can help others.

GOLD Rush!

This afternoon we began a mini inquiry into the Gold Rush! Together we discussed what we thought the Gold Rush was all about;
Patrick told us that is when people came searching for Gold.
Keerat also added that people from other countries were coming to get the gold.


Students then got to explore the Gold Rush using an interactive website;


We dissected our learning through some reflective questions at the end of our exploration and discussed these as a group. Take a look at some of our amazing learning using a new tool!

My’s gold rush task-10m8sxi


keerat gold rush-19eae2u

by paul y


The gold rush Nathalie-1sr99bg


by loria

Mathematics- number skills tasks

Today students were introduced to take part in a choice of number activities to build basic number skills such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. Some tasks required a partner and were more of a game, whilst other required students to work on their own. Some tasks required a lot of lateral thinking. Here is an example of one such task.