History Makers!

Last week we designed our own boats that migrants could use to move from place to place. This learning is extending on what we have investigated surrounding Australia and Migration. 

We have been super excited to begin the construction phase and today we got the chance!  

We discussed how to responsibly use the materials provided and the importance of our constructed boats looking almost identical to our designs.

It was awesome to hear, see and feel such a fantastic team vibe in the classroom! We could hear people using positive self-talk and giving group members positive feedback! 


Prime and composite odd and even investigation

today we did this task called “prime and composite odd and even investigation” and the task you had to do was simple you just had to pick a task from it and there was only 3 choices you could pick any. I pick the one when you had to figure out these questions ” Is a prime number always odd? Is an odd number always prime? and this one too is a composite number always even? Is an even number always composite? and my results turned out like this.


Steve Reading Response Review

Hi Everybody my names is Steve,

Today i’m gonna be telling you about the book I have been reading the book I have been reading is called Extra Weird! its an amazing book because its funny everyone in he’s family is weird. An they the all have amazing talents. I love all the books and also Mrs.B for guide reading with class I will love it if we could read the book thank you for reading enjoy don’t forget view my next blog post.

Kind Regards,
Steve Mori
5/6 Student

Sports Day Info!

Here are some important reminders about sports day this Friday (31st March).

Please arrive to school at 11:50, to depart shortly after 12pm. We ask that you eat your lunch before hand!

All parents are welcome to come to watch our events. Thank you to our volunteers who have offered to support us during the day.

Please bring with your child their drink bottle and hat, we will provide some fruit and biscuits for snack. If children bring a bag, they will have to carry it themselves all day and be responsible for it. We will not be returning to the school after to collect bags.

We will end our day at 4pm. Please come to collect your child from Creaser Park at this time, you will need to sign them out with their class teacher (please come between 3:45-4 as it is a busy time of the day). If you require OSHC you will need to sign in as normal, we will walk these students to OSHC at the end of the day.

We’re ready to have a good day! Good Luck to everyone, let’s have some fun!