Today after recess we met with our Reception/Year 1 buddies to complete a special Easter Task! Together we created our very own Easter baskets.

Once our baskets were completed we got to go on a special mission around the school! We were hunting for Easter Eggs! We followed different clues that brought us to different parts of the school in hope of finding some Easter Eggs. Would you believe that each spot didn’t have any eggs! The Easter Bunny left eggs in our baskets whilst we were hunting around the school!

Thanks Easter Bunny! 🙂



Shape Optical Illusions o0o0

After a successful morning of Persuasive Text writing we moved into looking at different Optical Illusions! This ties in very nicely with our work on different shapes and how we can sometimes be tricked by different lines and angles.

Here is one for you reading at home….

Blue and Black or White and Gold?

The majority of us saw White and Gold but there was still a few of us who were adamant that the dress is Blue and Black!

We then investigated our own Optical Illusions! Don’t be fooled, we are just a bunch of amateur artists but our work says otherwise!!!!



Sink or Float… YOU decide!

This afternoon it was finally time to test our Migrant Boats! Our task was to create a boat using popsticks, glue and straws in which a migrant could use to move from one country to another. We looked specifically at a practical design and most importantly a boat that will FLOAT!

We all predicted that our hand made boats would float. Then it was testing time!



Justin: Today, Miss B let us build Boats and let us see if our groups boat floated! Some Students Boats sank and had to modify their Boat, but luckily my Group and I didn’t have to modify our Boat because our Boat Floated! 😀 Me and my Group were Happy but then when we Pushed it deeper into the water, the Masts and Mast Poles were too high up so it flipped over and Most of the Masts got wet.
I’m pretty sure my Boat didn’t sink because, of the Buoancy of the Boat that displaced the water under it and there possibly no Holes in the Boat. :D…

Victor: It floated in the water because it had less weight and the straws were helping it into the water.And when we put it into the water that means inside the water it still floated and quickly went up to the water.And that I like my boat because it is colourful and fun to push and touch in the water and that I like it when we make It me and Sammy together.The experiment was great and really amazing. …

Alex: Today Mohammad and I made a boat and it sank. It sank because it was too heavy and the bottom was to skinny not wide. Also there was hole in the middle which made the water go through it.

Vu: Our boat floated because it was light weight and it didn’t have any holes until Dhyahna pushed it down very hard and almost made it sink but it got the paper all wet, Me Justin could not get the water off easily i thought it would sink because we had lots of mistakes in it and because before we failed to build it 2 times before so yeah