20 thoughts on “Optical Illusions for you to enjoy!

  1. Hi my name is Sarina and I come from the school St Charles Borromeo.
    This illusions are so fascinating.
    Did you make it?

  2. HOW???????!!!!! It’s like everything comes out! The ones I liked the most were the crocodile and the glasses because it had the shadow and that is just amazing. Cool news guys, love it. 🙂 :3

  3. They look amazing and are really cool optical illusions! I wish I could draw something like that!!!!!

  4. Hello, my name is Keira and i come from st Charles Borromeo Primary School.

    Those illusions are SUPER cool. Did you make them? If you did wow you are definitely talented! My favorite would be the shark that was cool.

    I will look on here often and look a all the posts.

    From, Keira

  5. Hi, my name is Mercedes and I’m from St Charles Borromeo. This is so cool. The illusion is tripping my eyes. Wow cool!!

  6. Hi my name is Olivia from st Charles Borromeo Primary School.

    Those optical illusions are so cool. You guys are so talented. Did you do them? I hope we can learn more about each other. I would absolutely love to chat again. Hope we can keep commenting on each others school blog. Can’t wait to chat again.

    FROM Olivia

  7. Hello I am Ethan from the school St Charles Borromeo primary school. That looks SO much fun so good job to who ever found it you can look at SCB blog if you want

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