Week 5 word task!

For the word task this week, we did the noun groups but we added the classifier. We had to match the words to the pictures on the first page. Then on the second page we had to do some noun groups including the classifier, we had to do noun groups for three pictures. Then when we finished that page we had to do at least five other noun. Here is mine!

Wednesday May 31!

Good morning Bloggers! Welcome to the last day of Autumn!

After consultation with our camp coordinators they have notified us that they require their own medical forms filled out and signed by parents (form sent home this afternoon). BOTH our school consent forms and the camp coordinator forms need to be returned for students to be able to attend camp.  Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

Tremendous Tuesday May 30!

Good morning Bloggers!

A quick reminder to please return all Camp Permission forms by the end of this week!

This Thursday there is a whole school Mass to celebrate Mission Day – all are welcome.

This Friday is Mission Day meaning all students can wear casual clothes as we attempt to sell our Slime to the school!

Speck of gold By Zack

On Friday night My mum and I got out two double air mattresses and my sister, my mum and I where watching Netflix all night on the air mattresses and at about 12:00 my mum and my sister went to their beds but I stayed in the lounge room on the two air mattresses and i slept on them all week. On Saturday i went to this place called Harper’s place in Elizabeth and the milkshakes are SO BIG!!! On Sunday I played a soccer game and we won 7-1 and I scored two good goals and one was a awesome big header and the other one was a volley and i got $10 because i scored two goals.