Fish Farm Visit!

This afternoon we visited Mr. McCarthy and the Fish Farm!

Mr. McCarthy updated with what has been happening and the future goals for the Farm. We also touched based on the Nitrogen Cycle which is something we might focus on in class further!

We carefully observed the fish in the farm before staying outdoors and creating our own fish drawings to be used for decoration!


My Weekend

On the weekend I went to Elizabeth to get shoes for mine and my sisters birthday on the 17th of June. I was getting the black nike flex run.

My sister was getting the black nike Tanjun. 

My mum put it on lay-by she paid $100 but she still needs to pay $90. After we left we bought some KFC and ate then we went home and I played on my PS4.

My weekend

On Saturday morning me and my dad we went to the petrol station to ask if we could borrow on of their big trailer they said yes but it would cost us $120 for 24 hours. My dad wasn’t sure if he shoul borrow or not so he called my mum,my mum said that it’s a little bit to expensive she told my dad to just go to his friend house and borrow it. While he was doing that I was home helping my mum packing up some stuff because we are changing house about 1 hour later me and my sibling had to go to math school then viet school. When we got home there were lots of men sitting on a table eating pho my mum made me some as well after that I had to pack my clothes and go to sleep.  On Sunday we went to church then we went started unpack our stuff we did that for the whole day then went to sleep.